501st Journal -- Coruscant Orbit: "A Desperate Rescue"Edit

As the Clone Wars progressed, more and more ground-based legions found themselves pressed into space combat, including the fighting forces of the Five-Oh-First. For months, every hour of our downtime was spent in the simulator, preparing for the time we would face our enemies from the cockpit of a 170. Finally the day came to earn our wings: The CIS had staged a daring kidnapping of Chancellor Palpatine, and was being escorted from Coruscant by a fleet of Separatist ships. With only a few veteran pilots on-planet, many of the Five-Oh-First were pressed into service to drive off the Seps and buy time for a pair of Jedi Knights to rescue the Chancellor.


As ordered by your commanding officer:

1.) "Pilots and Marines, get to your ships! The Jedi are depending on you!"

2.) "Incoming fighters. Take 'em out."

3.) "We've got a Banking Clan ship acting as a frigate for the droids. Destroy it."

4.) "Pilot, focus your fire on the main CIS ship. We need their shields down as soon as possible."

5.) "Take down the droid communications array. That'll give you an opening."

6.) "Well done. Now that they're in disarray, fly into their hangar and land. Be careful."

7.) "Use rockets or time bombs to destroy the internal systems."

8.) "Now, grab a fighter and destroy the bridge of the enemy cruiser."

9.) "Well done, gents. With flying like that, the Republic is well on its way to victory."

Ending JournalEdit

After disabling the final capital ship, General Kenobi and Skywalker took advantage of the oppotunity we'd created, and rescued the Chancellor. Took all the credit, too.

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