Classic Series
E-11 Blaster Rifle
E-11 Full
Basic Info

Blaster Rifle


Galactic Empire

Weapon Details
  • 275 (BFI)
  • 250 (BFII)
Rate of Fire:

0.5 seconds per shot



The E-11 BlasTech blaster rifle is a repeating blaster rifle commonly equipped to the Imperial soldiers. They have been manufactured since the end of the Clone Wars, and they are designed from the DC-15 Carbine (a carbine version of the DC-15A Blaster Rifle), and they are the successor to the Galactic Republic's DC-15 Blaster Rifle. The weapon is a machine gun rifle, shooting a bunch of bolts in a row very quickly. It is the most powerful of the mainstream soldiers' blasters, but also the most inaccurate at long range.

Strategy Edit

This rifle is not as hard in use as the DC-15-A, but don't be misled-at close range it is the most powerful rifle for the regular soldiers. It combines great firepower and fast fire rate but is also very inaccurate if fired in longer bursts, so hold your fire steady if you try to kill someone from a long range or switch to your pistol (which is more usually accurate than this monster).



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