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The Clone Trooper is the Assault class for the Galactic Republic in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. Their standard primary weapon is the DC-15A Blaster but they can also use the CR-2 Blaster Pistol from the Naboo Royal Guard. The Clone Troopers that remained loyal to the Emperor and his emissary formed the first Imperial Stormtroopers, the Assault class for the Galactic Empire.


The Clone Trooper specializes in fast, close quarters combat. They had white armor with black lines in the alpha version of the game. In the beta, they are seen with crimson markings on their armor on Naboo.


On Naboo and Kashyyyk, Clone Troopers wear white Phase II armor, typical of clone soldiers later in the Clone Wars. On Kamino, all clones wear their Phase I armor to contrast with the Movie.


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