In Campaign Mode, the player follows the campaigns of the 501st Legion as told through the 501st Journal. As players progress through the game, they play as a clone trooper during the reign of the Republic and as a stormtrooper during the reign of the Empire.

The action brings players to multiple planets through a story arc that stretches from the dawn of the Clone Wars to the formation of the Empire and later, bridging the gap between Episodes III and IV.

Unlike the first Battlefront, Battlefront II's campaigns gives players certain objectives with a given number of reinforcements with the enemy's reinforcements unlimited and a time limit rather than playing an ordinary conquest match. The game also gives the option to skip space missions.


See also: 501st Journal.

Republic Missions EditEdit

(22-19 BBY - The Clone Wars)

A shadow looms over the
Republic. The Clone Wars
have torn a rift across the
Galaxy, its populace weak in
allegiance and resolve.

PALPATINE has commissioned
an elite unit of clone
troopers, the 501st LEGION,
to vanquish the Separatist
threat once and for all. Their
unwavering loyalty to the
Chancellor, combined with
the Republic's desperation to
see an end to the war, has set
the stage for the execution of
Palpatine's ultimate plan.

Braving the frigid world of
Mygeeto, the 501st joins Jedi
Master Ki-Adi-Mundi for the
first of many crucial battles
destined to shape the fate of
the galaxy...
  • Part 1: Geonosis—Attack of the Clones (Training, Optional)
  • Part 2: Mygeeto—Amongst the Ruins
  • Part 3: Coruscant Space—A Desperate Rescue (Optional)
  • Part 4: Felucia—Heart of Darkness
  • Part 5: Kashyyyk Space—First Line of Defense (Optional)
  • Part 6: Kashyyyk—A Line in the Sand
  • Part 7: Utapau—Underground Ambush
  • Part 8: Coruscant—Operation: Knightfall

Empire Missions EditEdit

(12 BBY-3 ABY - Imperial Era/Galactic Civil War)

The Galactic Republic has
fallen. Emperor Palpatine has
created a new Galactic Empire
to rule in its place.

The Sith Lord Darth Vader,
has taken command of the elite
division of troopers known as
the 501st. Now known across
the galaxy as "Vader's Fist",
the 501st strives to establish
order in the name of the
Galactic Empire.

On the once-peaceful planet
of Naboo, the Emperor orders
his newly armored
stormtroopers to stifle the
seeds of rebellion in a
diplomatic manner befitting
the new Empire...
  • Part 1: Naboo—Imperial Diplomacy
  • Part 2: Mustafar Space—Preventive Measures (Optional)
  • Part 3: Mustafar—Tying up Loose Ends
  • Part 4: Kamino—Changing of the Guard
  • Part 5: Death Star—Prison Break
  • Part 6: Polis Massa—Birth of the Rebellion
  • Part 7: Tantive IV—Recovering the Plans
  • Part 8: Yavin 4 Space—Vader's Fist Strikes Back (Optional)
  • Part 9: Yavin 4—Revenge of the Empire
  • Part 10: Hoth—Our Finest Hour

Cross-era story missions EditEdit

  • See also:Imperial Diplomacy
  • This mission shows a raid on Naboo's capital city, Theed, where Queen Apailana is hiding a group of surviving Jedi she has made her personal bodyguards. The Empire fights the Royal Naboo Security Forces on the streets of Theed.

See also: Preventive Measures, Tying up Loose Ends

  • The missions Preventive Measures and Tying up Loose Ends show the skirmish between the Empire and CIS forces in space around Mustafar and on the planet's surface. In these two missions, a rogue Geonosian engineer by the name of Gizor Dellso has reactivated the hidden droid factory on Mustafar. The 501st must first eliminate space defenses, then land on the planet and assault the factory.

See also: Changing of the Guard

  • The mission Changing of the Guard pits the Empire against rogue clone troopers. The Prime Minister of Kamino has been secretly growing a new Clone Army, bred to take up arms against the Empire. Darth Vader hires Boba Fett for his knowledge of the inner workings of the clone facility, and sends the 501st to Kamino to destroy the cloning facility.

Bosses EditEdit

Certain levels of the campaign require the elimination of an important person or persons in order to win the battle.

  • Utapau—General Grievous
  • Jedi Temple—Three Jedi Masters
  • Naboo—Queen Apailana
  • Mustafar—Gizor Dellso
  • Death Star—Rebel Jedi Padawan
  • Tantive IV—Princess Leia Organa
  • Yavin 4—Bothan High Command


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