Cargo is a game mode featured in Star Wars Battlefront and is very similar to the standard capture-the-flag mode.


Cargo is a Capture the Flag-esque game mode that pits the Rebels and the Imperials against each other as each team attempts to steal the enemy team's cargo. In order to score a point, one team must infiltrate the opposing team's base, retrieve the cargo and return it to their own base while preventing the enemy from doing the same.

A total of 10 cargo boxes are present on the map. And both teams will start with half of the boxes in their possession (five boxes each). And in order to win, one team must capture and hold more cargo boxes than the enemy team or capture all ten of them. If a player picks up an enemy cargo box but dies before they can capture it, an ally can pick it up and continue carrying it while members of the team that owns the cargo can pick it up to return it back to their base.

If a team manages to capture all 10 cargo boxes, they will win instantly, otherwise, the match will continue until time runs out.

When the time limit is reached, the team that holds the most amount of cargo will be victorious, however, if a player is still carrying cargo, he must either be killed and the cargo must be returned to its owner or captured by the other team.


These are the maps that Cargo is playable on: