The CR-2 is a primary weapon in Star Wars Battlefront II usable by the Assault Class.

Overview Edit

The CR-2 is a fully automatic blaster with a very fast rate of fire compared to most other Assault-class weapons, making it effective at close-to-medium range. As a downside, however, the CR-2 suffers from very rapid damage fall off, causing it to quickly lose its effectiveness at longer ranges.

Overall, the CR-2 is well-suited for close-range shootouts and indoor fighting but becomes much weaker in outdoor areas. Compared to the default assault-class blasters, the CR-2 is less versatile and is much more situational instead, sacrificing long range accuracy for greater close range power. The CR-2 is ideal for close-quarter style maps, such as the Death Star, Yavin IV, and the later stages of Starkiller Base.

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