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"Originating from the Lasat, the Bo-Rifle became renowned as a weapon owned solely by the one strong enough to defeat its wielder. The rifle has a reliable fire output although what defines it is its forward facing staff, capable of delivering lethal melee strikes."
— In-game description The CJ-9 Bo-Rifle is a blaster rifle featured in Star Wars Battlefront.
CJ-9 Bo Rifle
Unlocked at Unlocked by killing a user wielding the CJ-9 Bo Rifle
Unlock cost 0 Credits
Type Targeting Rifle
Damage 30-19
Rate of fire 220 RPM
Range Drop-off start: 10m

Drop-off end: 60m

Cooling power 15 shots
Cooldown (Failed) 2.72s
Special feature(s) Lethal Melee Strikes


It has semi-automatic fire and has a unique melee ability that can kill infantry in one hit. This ability is disabled when the user activates a Personal Shield.


Unlike every other weapon, the Bo-Rifle is a 'viral pickup', in which if a player with a Bo Rifle is killed, they will drop a power-up that will permanently add the weapon to one's inventory. This idea has basis in Star Wars lore, as in the Lasats' code of honor, if the wielder of a Bo Rifle is killed in honorable combat, their killer inherits the weapon.

Unlocking Edit

Unlocking the weapon is easy. Once the player kills an enemy wielding the rifle, a golden form of the regular pick up will appear. The player must approach the pick up to obtain the weapon, but if they die, they will lose it, and have to kill another player to try again. Once picked up, the rifle will appear in the player's inventory, and they can use the rifle from that point forward.

Tips and Tricks Edit

The Bo Rifle has several advantages and disadvantages that can be useful to remember by its wielder.

Advantages Edit

The Bo Rifle's debatably best feature is its front-mounted staff which causes its melee to be lethal to any player. Take advantage of the long reach of melee attacks to give any player close to you a shocking end. Another great thing about the Bo Rifle is its fast bullet velocity. For whatever reason, the Bo Rifle has a laser bolt which apparently moves much faster than other weapons. Use this to pick off enemies who's health is almost gone, as the velocity gives you the ability to hit enemies who are almost in cover. Weapons with slower bullets will not reach an opponent in Ike to stop him from reaching cover.

Disadvantages Edit

Unfortunately, the Bo Rifle's damage per shot is not great, and neither is its rate of fire. Also, the staff cannot be used when the player is using the personal shield, making them vulnerable to attack until it finally times out, or the player cancels the active time. There are at least three ways to counter these problems.

  1. Stay within close range so that you only have to use the lethal front staff.
  2. Focus on picking off enemies who are almost dead with the Bo Rifle's high shot velocity.
  3. Although this is good general practice, make sure to get headshots, because you critically need extra damage with the Bo Rifle. Make sure that when this is used that the head shots are rapid, and not done slowly.

Strategies Edit

  • The Bo Ghost - To pull off the Bo Ghost, or Bhost, you will need the Bo Rifle and a Smoke Grenade . Described simply, the Bhost requires you to throw a smoke grenade in front of your target, then sprint to the target and, well, stab him. Anywhere, it really doesn't matter. Variations of the Bhost use Personal Shields, Flash Grenades, or Sonic Imploders.
  • Bhost Jackson - A variation of the Bhost which makes use of the Escape Artist trait to escape detection.
  • Camping - As cheesy as it sounds, hiding behind walls and popping out is a great way to make use of the Bo Rifle's one-stab-kill. Don't be afraid to try it, haters gonna hate no matter what. Just be careful that no one has the Scan Pulse card, or your cover will be blown.
  • Usage of Damage Boosting Equipment- This can mean several things. This means you can either use the Sharpshooter or Berserker Trait in order to boost the primary blaster fire, allowing for easier primary fire kills, rather than relying solely on the staff. It's also a good idea to activate the Explosive Shot Charge Card in order to buff damage and easier pick off enemies.

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