"Rigorous training and a brief carrer as a bodyguard in the Outer Rim has made you a lethal warrior capable of handling extreme situations."
— In-Game Description

Bodyguard is a Star Card in Star Wars Battlefront.


  • Level 1: Small damage reduction (15%)
  • Level 2: Medium damage reduction (30%)
  • Level 3: High damage reduction (50%)

Hints & Tips Edit

  • This is one of the traits suited towards beginners, especially helpful with badly thrown grenades (hitting walls) and avoiding proximity mines, and if one manages to reach level 3 it will easily make the player a walking tank.
  • One of the most notable uses of the bodyguard is to resist the Homing Shot. In fact, at just level one the homing shot will only deal 69 damage to yourself (raising the question of the actual damage resistance of level 1) which can be a life saver, especially on open spaces with no Jump Pack.
  • You can survive proximity mines with Bodyguard level 3, but only if your health is high.
  • Heroes and Villains can still kill soldiers with one hit of a lightsaber, or 2 shots if they're strong, so be careful.

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