The Blurrg-1120 is a weapon featured in Star Wars Battlefront II. It is available for the Officer class.


The Blurrg-1120 is a small, single-wield blaster pistol featuring a handle and a trigger with a curvature. The blaster is equipped with two muzzles, used for a double shot firing mode.[1]


The Blurrg-1120 can perhaps be seen as the spiritual successor to the SE-14C from the previous game. Like the SE-14C (and the EE-3 and EE-4), the Blurrg-1120 is a burst-fire weapon, although it has the shortest burst length out of the group, firing only two shots per burst (unless modified), dealing 37 damage per shot, for a total of 64 damage per burst. The Blurrg-1120 can make for a very dangerous weapon in the hands of an accurate player, as landing just three bursts on target is enough to secure a kill against any class other than the Heavy (and in the case of the Heavy, one additional trigger pull is all that is needed), barring any health-increasing effects. This is faster than any other blaster pistol but it requires the user to accurate with their shots as missing just one burst will drastically slow down the kill speed of the weapon. The Cooling power is nothing to write home about either; the Blurrg-1120 permits only 5 bursts between every cooldown, meaning that the user cannot afford to miss more than twice in order to ensure that the weapons does not overheat mid-engagement. When it comes to accuracy, the Blurrg-1120, despite being a pistol, can be surprisingly capable at longer ranges as the two shots are fired in a relatively tight group with relatively little recoil (the Reduced recoil attachment can be used to amplify this even further), allowing the user to land shots at even past mid range, outranging most other pistols, barring maybe the S-5. Despite possessing fairly favourable range characteristics, one should be mindful that the Blurrg-1120's damage quickly starts to drop off at longer ranges, making it more likely to overheat without being able to score a kill, limiting its capabilites past mid range.


Reduced recoil "Enhanced grip with trigger guard that greatly reduces recoil with each burst"
Handle extends outwards on a more slanted angle, losing its curvature.

Improved burst

"Power cell that raises the number of bolts fired in each burst to 4"
Barrel extends outwards.

Exploding shot

"Unstable plasma that explodes on impact, dispersing the bolt damage across a small area. Due to its volatile nature, the blaster builds heat significantly faster with this mod on"
Both muzzles extend outward, with the upper taking on a cone shape.


Features an orange-brown imprint on its side.

Blurgg-1120 pre-alpha


  • The Blurrg-1120 is named after a native species from the planet Ryloth, known as the Blurrg.