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Administrator's Palace is a multiplayer map featured in Star Wars: Battlefront which was added in the Bespin Expansion Pack. It can be played in Blast and Sabotage

Administrator's Palace takes place on Bespin, more specifically Cloud City. This map was at one time the home of Lando Calrissian who was the former Baron Administrator of Cloud City. This palace did appear in The Empire Strikes Back. Boba Fett's ship, Slave I, also appears at a docking bay.

In Sabotage, the generators are all placed indoors, with one being placed in a separate room each. If playing as the Rebels, destroying generator A and C are easy, are there are many open spots to hide in and many entrances to get to. Generator B however, is vastly difficult, as Imperials can use the rooftop for sniping, and for use of cover. This can be avoided however if Generator B is destroyed first.

Tips Edit

This map contains open, medium range bridges and closely packed corridors.

Top Load-out: Edit

Primary Weapon: CJ-9 Bo Rifle

Asset Cards: Flash Grenade and Sonic Imploder

Charge Card: Scan Pulse

Trait Card: Escape Artist

Substitutes: Edit

Primary weapons: A180, DLT-19, CA-87(only if you avoid open areas), any Blaster Pistol (not recomended)

Asset Cards: Dioxis Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Thermal Detonator

Charge Cards: Focus Fire(if using CA-87), Explosive Shot(best with DLT-19), Personal Shield

Trait Cards: Scout, Berserker

Strategies: Edit

As stated above, the CJ-9 Bo-Rifle works extremely well on this map, as much of it is close quarters, and those that aren't can utilize the Bo-Rifles regular blaster. The Scout Pistol and Scatter gun work very well for the close-quarter areas as well, while the Pulse Cannon and Cycler Rifle work well for the map's long-range areas and for getting rid of any snipers taking up the vantage point above the circular structure Tibanna Gas Generator B is in.

When playing as the rebels, they should take out Genorator B first as the Imperials can esially defend it from the rooftop and surrounding areas

Gallery Edit

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