This is just an example of a trial in Court 

User 1: Sockpuppet attempt:

Defendent: User 1

Witness of User 1: User 2

Judge(s): Admin(s}

Opposer: User 3

Witness of User 3: User 4

User 3 I have found that User 1, has been trying to make me a sockpuppet. He has repeatedly been sending me private messages stating if I do not follow through with this, then he will most definetly tell the beurocrats that I have been posting links to pornographical content. <Done>

Judge Proof? <Done>

User 4 Here, taken from User 3's history log and put in by User 1:

"DTMASAYRI: Can you delete Admin 2's profile and talk page for me? Thx. Remember: If you don't, you know exactly what I will do." <Done>

Judge DTMASAYRI? What does that stand for? <Done>

User 3 "Delete This Message As Soon As You Read It" <Done>

Judge And what will he do when you refused? <Done>

User 3 Tell the beurocrats that I have been adding pornographical contents. <Done>

User 1 Objection! I did not do such, as I checked and the history is in IP adress. <Done>

Judge Why did you bothered to check the history if you say you are not gilty? <Done>

User 1 Because I do not want to be accused for something I did not do. <Done>

Judge Any proof to to that, User 4? <Done>

User 4 Yes, I asked the cental wikia and they responded as the Username and IP adress matches. <Done>

Judge Proof? <Done>

User 4 Here:

Yes, User 1 and 9.35.793 is indeed the same person. <Done>

User 1 That can't be true! My IP is 6.24.813! <Done>

Judge User 4, which of the staff members responded to you? <Done>

User 4 Grunny.

Judge OK. Lets take a break, people.

Judge Back. Verdict is now ready. <Done>

User 1: Get it on already. <Done>

User 3: Assault. <Done>

Judge Gilty, one month block. Any objections? <Done>

User 1: None. <Done>

Judge Case Closed. <Done>

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