NOTE: This page will be protected against all user but the admins when the session is not active.

 Before You Start 

  • Make a Schedule
  • Click on the AJAX check box on top of this page to allow automatic refresh.
  • Note that this page is slow to reload and it takes around 30 sec to refresh on everyone else's pages.


  1. Name the case of the session with Heading 2
  2. Name the roles in Bold.
  3. Start session
  4. Each person must put in new entry by hitting the enter key.
  5. Pick verdict. Must be agreed apon.


  1. One must not delete contents
  2. Insult is not exepted unless nessessory
  3. If the Admin is not here, the session cannot be started
  4. If the deffendent is not here, he/she will get blocked because of their absence
  5. To begin your message, put in three tildes (~~~) .
  6. To let other users know you are done editing by putting "<Done>"
  7. During trial, uninvited users are not allowed to speak, but allow to watch.


For an example of a trial, click here.

Please start below this line.

Trials for reviewEdit

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