Installation (PC)Edit

Here's how to add your favorite mod maps for SW:BFI or SW:BFII. First you go to your computer then you click Programs Files than find LucasArts folder. After that double click the LucasArts folder and go to Game Data folder and click that also. When you go there you need to create a folder called AddOn (or Addon. If you already have one, ignore this step). After you finish go to your Internet browser and and go to Google than you search " wars battlefront" or any other mod website. When you get there you will find SWBFI and SWBFII on the bottom left corner then click on Maps and it shows all of the mod map. When you find what you want, a download link. When done downloading, click My Documents, go to Downloads and find the file you just downloaded. Note that some mod files require extraction first and can be told by a zipper across the file icon. To extract it, right click, and click Extract. This should open an extraction wizard that lead you through the process of extracting the file. When done extracting (if required), copy that file and then you paste that file in the AddOns folder (or just simply extract the file directly onto the AddOn folder). Your map is now ready to play but sometimes it makes the game crash. This may happen because you don't have a patch or an update for Battlefront. If it works, have fun with your mod map!

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