Dear DICE: 

As you know, all hardcore Star Wars gamers and fans alike feel the need of future Star Wars Battlefront titles. Please do not make it into a disappointment. So thus, as a behalf of Battlefront Wiki, I, Anakin Skyobiliviator, will list the opinion of my own and others of this wiki, what we expect from the future of Battlefront. I know some ideas sound unreasonable, and others seem to take too much memory, but know that we are just die-hard fans that would like to see things actually happen and not just some rumor. Despite of our differences, we all have similar expectations, the most prominent being a request for a massive ground to sky to space map.

For more info on the need of the game, please look on Facebook, where an identical listings are liked by users.

Link: [1]

By: Hulk628 Edit

Keep all maps from the first 2 games

Escort ships that were cut from battle front 2 (see this link [2])

New heroes for the republic:

  • Plo koon
  • Kit fisto
  • coleman trebor
  • Padme amidala
  • Bail organa

New heroes for the for the CIS:

  • Zam weaslle
  • cad bane
  • gizor delso
  • bossk
  • Magna guard with electro staff

New heroes for the Rebel alliance:

  • Lando callirisian
  • Nien nunb
  • admiral ackbar
  • judder page

New heroes for the empire:

  • bossk
  • ig-88
  • dengar
  • 4 lom
  • zuckuss
  • grand moff tarkin

When vehicles destroyed the remains of them stay there for the rest of the battle

New maps

  • Rugosa
  • Jakku and other force awakens maps
  • cato nemoidia
  • Geonosis: arena
  • Hoth: ice cave
  • Aldeeran
  • Naboo: otoh gunga
  • Tatooine: mos espa podracing course
  • Droid control ship
  • super star destroyer

When life supports are destroyed in space battles people aboard the flagship get health drainage until its repaired

NO CUSTOMIZED CLASSES! The soldier class style was better in the first 2 games! (the soldier class, heavy class, special class, ect)

Add galactic conquest or I will shoot you.

Add all instant action modes from battlefront 2 and maybe a few more. Like maybe these:

  • Conquest in space where the command posts are in the transports and frigates.
  • A regular team death match mode in space with ships and in this mode you only get points for destroying ships. And when time runs out the team with the most points wins.
  • Some kind of juggernaut where its a army thats almost full sized against one hero. The hero doesnt get any soldiers on there team to aid them. And the heros have no time limit in this mode.

Add hero ships that spawn when a certain hero spawns on some maps. Like Darth Vader spawns the tie advanced and Han Solo or Chewbacca or Lando could spawn the millennium falcon.

By: DeathEdit

Personally, I am a fan of Call of Duty, however knowing how Dice is all about the slow soldier progression as it was in Battlefield Series (which is why i never got into it), Can you do a token system where the player gets tokens for a kill and depending on how the kill was executed(headshot, accuracy, etc), could that go towards your soldiers tier for unlocking a new tier?

Also, How about "kill streaks"? Killstreaks that are more oriented to how long timewise the people get to play as a jedi. And the jedi gets to sever limbs and there is blood. What is a battle when there is no blood?

Mobile spawn units

Dynamic Maps where when you set off a satchel charge, there is a crater, however the crater cant get any deeper and it would be a great way to make instant cover.

In the Hoth Map, I felt the turrets were way too.. under powered? I want to have my game to be chock full of screen shaking explosions.


I also want to have ERA's where you can fight in. So when you say "Find a game", you can go ahead and play in the rebel/empire era or the clone wars era. You know, that stuff.

I want to have changable retcles. The circle was too screen covering.

I would want my recon droid to change every map. On the empire, you had a spherclce looking droid and when im on a ship I would want it to be able to be the droid that can be deployed on the ground and can go into vents in the walls so it can escape.

Minigames: Ship races, shooting range, Deathstar Planet explosions.

The ability to pilot a huge star destroyer and take it around the map. In between maps, instead of a loading screen, at the end of a battle, if your in a ship your screen becomes 3rd person of the ship your on and the victorious player get to see there ship go into hyperspace between maps.

By: Anakin SkyobiliviatorEdit

  • Able to fight inside capital ships and able to capture it like on ground battle (capture CPs)
  • When life support is destroyed people inside the ship begin to die from health drainage.
  • Ambient rumbling inside the capital ships, like the Tantive IV map.
  • When a ship critical point is shot, the ship shake and people fall over inside.
  • Each units has different HUD. (like only the scout's helmet can detect trees in Endor.)
  • A person is able to customize their classes, such as force powers/different lightsabers for heroes or villains
  • A person is able to pick up weapons in the battlefield, like in Republic Commando.
  • AI's action respond to what you do, like you go against order 66 and other clones shoot you.
  • What you do effect the stoyline (like in KOTOR)
  • No bloody/disgusting death. (But do have melee attack though)
  • More controllable/powerful Force Powers, like the Force Unleashed
  • Use the same voice actors as in the movie.
  • Make it as Canonical as it can be...please (in another word do research. Example: ARC-170 is a three man heavy starfighter/bomber, and NOT a one man fighter.
  • Add more space vehicles...(B-wing, Delta-7, Etc.)
  • When your ship is failing, you can use an escape pod to land on the land battle.
  • Strategic Escape Pod ejection for a precise battlefield entry on ground to space maps (which is all the maps except Tantive IV) fired from Capital Ships. Balances by long spawn time for pods after a slot have been fired away. Around 80 pod per Capital Ship.
  • Similar content seen in Battlefield 2142 (Titans, escape pods, etc).
  • Add orbital stike.
  • Use terms wisely (CIS capital ship don't have life support, they have central control computers)
  • No Cut scenes for easy manuvers!!! (we want to fly the ship ourself!)
  • The "Follow me" command work in space, to fly as in a squadron!!!
  • Maybe able to dock into the Hyperspace ring for a mini mission, but entering the ring will not be a cutscene, you just click the "enter" button (the one you use for entering turret/vehicles)! (Basicly an instant action in champaign, but you are a one man against an enemy army...increased health and firepower! Your health increase a little bit for each kill, like a hero, but no time limit! If you die, you respawn on the capitol ship back in Champaign! If you win, you unlock special weapons and you return to champaign. If you are bored of the "mini mission" you can always fly back to space, enter the hyperspace ring, and return to champaign!!!)
  • Bring back reinforcment points!
  • Ground to space battles with load screens.
  • In a hangar/atmosphere, starships can hover.
  • Starships can fire their weapon in the hangar.
  • Stop focusing on the ion cannon, I want the normal battlefront bomber destoying the shields, not the freaking ion cannon.
  • Able to land on the frigate and distroy it from inside out like in Battlefront 2 capital ships' interiors, meaning frigate got shields (Can't take it over though)
  • Underwater action!!! (Only specialized units can do this, same way only jetroopers/dark troopers can fly) Examples: SCUBA Trooper and Aquatic Assault Stormtoopers and something for the alliance and CIS too! Or rebreathers for Jedi/Sith!
  • Have tractor beam.
  • (Only) Pilots got eject options. (You can fly slowly back to your hangar, enemy's hangar or to a hull of ether team's capital ships/frigate. Enemy autoturret shoot you when you are on hull. Once you get in hanger, the ejection flying stops, so you fall to the ground with no fall damage.)
  • Add more species. (Kaminoans, Mon Cals, Nexu, Etc.)
  • Have climbing action, or at least accension cable for verticle action (So no need for more stairs in odd places.)
  • New powerful weapons/Hero Weapons. (Like Lightwhips, jetpack missiles, saberdart, Etc.)
  • Real-time thermal detonator contol. (If you hold "throw detonator" button too long, the grenade will blow up, killing you. It's like pulling a grenade ring and hold it without throwing.)
  • Have early and late imperial era. (Early with the gray venator star destroyer with typical clone wars fighters/vehicle but with dull colors plus an early version of TIE and white out phrase 2 clone troopers VS. Early rebels with a venator with red markings and hold the normally colored Clone Wars vehicles plus Z-95 Headhunter, late as in the normal GCW in BF2 maybe with super star destroyers)
  • Bigger hangar with taller roof and bigger landing area.
  • Correct hangar position (Venator and Mon Cal cruisers) is the only exception.
  • If the starfighter hit the hangar floor, it skid instead of bounce, and you can exit while it skid (Like in Ep.3).
  • Starfighter (though not interceptor class) got shields.
  • Discord missile is canon, have buzz droid, blow up in front of the starfighter it is persueing.
  • Cap ship got turbolaser deck like in Ep. 3
  • The Cap ship has a hold which act like its own battlefield, each team's cap ship hold is different. Vehicles of all classes of that team spawn in the "garage" (like Republic spawn AT-TE, BARC speeder, AT-RT, and the tanks).
  • Another vital ship system is jammer, which turn off the maps of the opposite team within the "jammer's range", so the only way to navigate is visual.
  • You can capture the enemy's flagship by capturing the bridge (if it isn't detroyed already)
  • AIs can land their ships in the hangar independently.
  • The map screen act kind of like Empire at War, control the units near you, though cannot control capitol ship or frigates. (The AIs move by themselves like in other Battlefronts when not selected.)
  • To hold steady while zoom or shooting, the carbine's foldable stock is extended.
  • More command movements, like when you point forward, there will be like a squad will move to fight enemies ahead of you or send an orbital strike in a line ahead of you...
  • Edible native animal! (Shaak, birds, nerf, etc.) When killed, it gives off a stamina canisters...
  • Ragdoll effect on dead people!
  • Keep current game modes, this include Instant Action. In another word, I want to have an option to kill AI without going online!
  • For console, split-screen is mantained!
  • Go for PS3, PC, and 360 market!!! Newer consoles cost me too much.
  • For the hero General Grevious, have an option to switch between two arms and four arms, and not only four arms just because it is a part of a combo.
  • Customizable CP logo for multiplayer! Can be premade, avaliable to be selected. (the logo also show on the units on your  side, human and AI alike)
  • Ammo Droid (if it is still a gonk droid) explode violently when distroyed, make perfect strategic booby trap.
  • Superfical, General Grevious have cape, and allow him to walk on walls for a short time, or stick on celing in crouch position.
  • Day/Night time radomization, so you don't get all used to one map, so you can play night time and next time you play the map, it may be day time. Heck, even add in morning and sunset! Even better, day/night cycle! If the cycle are added, try to vary the length between day and night! So a night on Coruscant is much shorter than on Hoth.
  • I know, I know, I will get raged a lot for this, but customization of unit for multiplayer only! I don't want to be overpowered in singleplayer or see a standard issue Clone Trooper with a rifle firing shotgun rounds at chaingun rpm and expect to win in the Campaign, or me being overpowered so there is no challange for me.
  • MagnaGuards have staff!
  • Jedi/Sith AI use Force Powers!
  • Cut down on how much a Force-personel use their saberthrow.
  • Multiplayer (including splitscreen): Customizable units for every class, including heroes, so Jango Fett with stormtrooper helmet, carrying a mortar launcher. Lightsaber not included in customization. Also, customizable face in multiplayer, so eye color, hair color, jawline, species, gender, etc. Heck, while you are at it, give a chance to select being a droid over organic is also good for CIS lovers.
  • For lightsabers, both multiplayer and singleplayer, shooting at them continously will eventually let the Jedi/Sith take a fraction of damage, still deflecting, but some will get though.
  • Lightsaber also deflect while swinging.
  • Enemy AI during singleplayer also spawn heroes for their side.
  • Allow Hijacking, where you jump off the ship and land on enemies. Hijacked ship retains it's crew (except of the pilot, who get killed upon the Hijacking, unless they get out by will, so perfect for group kill by jumping off the ship as it crash into an obstacle, killing enemy inside. Hijacked ship takes more damage than usual. Hijacking can only occur in atmosphere, jump out in space, and you will die during reentry.
  • Allow Kamakazi (as of now, I don't have a good way to dispose of my heavily damaged Snowspeeder)!
  • Melee attacks!
  • More Hunt Mode (and please, due to Star Wars origin, no zombies. Have something like a beast instead.)
  • On vehicles with open spaces, like the LAAT/i, you don't mount the vehicle, just walk to the open space (LAAT/i's Passenger bay for an example) and you can only walk around the inside of the ship, aiding it with weapons you have with you during flight. Can only leave the area when the ship lands.
  • In the case of LAAT/i, the passenger bay blastdoors closes when leaves the planet, and the lighting inside will turn orange/red. Landing will cause the light to turn green. Lights goes off when in atmosphere.
  • At least allow to use grenades when on mount animal like a tauntaun, or else we will all be easy targets.
  • Weather influenced skin for Wookiees, so on Hoth, spot of snow and frozen fur here and there, and on Kashyyyk damp patches, and on Tatooine, dusty and dry.
  • Weather conditions that coordinate with day/night cycle and affect the player. Example would be a night at Hoth is extremely windy, so no sprint, and the visibility is low, so you will see a blur of everything and things that are more than five feet in front of you are grey splotches, the lighter the grey the further away. Can freeze to death. For Hoth, when it is night time, soldiers move to fight among the corridors. Vehicles that are capable of boost have slower acceleration to top speed due to cold engine.
  • More coming!

By: King Of All 42Edit

  • All maps from all the SWBF games and some new ones.
  • 3 eras (Early CW: Phase 1 clones vs B1 battle droids, Late CW: Phase 2 clones vs B2 battle droids, and GCW)
  • No droidekas or Darktroopers just storm troopers or battledroids.
  • No Jedi or other heroes, BF is about the soldiers not the main characters.
  • A scout class added and an aerial unit (jettrooper, imperal jumptrooper etc).
  • every team to get a better set of more balanced vehicles
  • More to come when I have the time.
  • make the multiplayer like battlefields but with space battles. and better guns be creative.

By: Chance.purvisEdit

  • Units follow orders better.
  • Show a HUD with the amount of health you have.
  • Show weapons in a menu and be able to purchase new weapons for your character, or have modifications to them, for instance a Stormtrooper can put a Folding stock on his Blaster Rifle.
  • Not all units have same zoom hud.
  • Units respond to orders based on your rank.
  • Show what rank you are with images, based on what faction you play for instance, If you choose Empire, your ranks are imperial ranks, if your rebels your ranks are rebel ranks.
  • Character customization, and you can build your character.
  • Have bigger maps to allow more units, not just 16 units per faction.
  • Have what-if scenarios, like what if the Kaminoans built a army that attacks Imperials.
  • Have mission selection, like depending on your class, you get missions based on that, like a Engineer would get Build a turret, plant charges on a location.
  • For every kill you get you get experience, you then can level up your character.
  • Have a fansite kit that includes renders of every unit type.
  • Have units based on the planet. Like Kashyyyk would have Imperial Navy Commandos patrol it, as stormtroopers.
  • For every unit their is the captain class, so an Imperial Stormtrooper would have a Stormtrooper Captain, that has a pauldron.
  • Have a clan logo maker inside the online gameplay, like in Black Ops.
  • You can purchase weapons, and or customize the weapons you have unlocked.
  • You can form a squadron within the mission and the squadron members will be there to protect you.
  • If you are down, you don't die instead you are incapacitated, and you can call in a medic, and when you do that a beacon for medics are shown on map, and they will rush to your aid to help you and they can resesitate you from your injuries.
  • When inside a vehicle with more than one area in it you can look and walk around so long as your a passenger.
  • You can press in R3 or D-Pad or whatever console, and it shows a list of side missions along with primary objectives.
  • Maps are huge, size of Empire at War maps, so the battles can be epic.

By: Obi wan masterexxx10Edit

  • have bigger maps with air/to ground vehicles
  • have green commend post and the same look like star wars battlefront 1
  • have a under water battle map
  • make droideka normal speed like in star wars battlefront 1
  • custumize your own vehicle color
  • have EPI 2 units on Geonosis map
  • make kashyyyk map look like EPI 3 with flying vehcles
  • create your own map in star wars battlefront 3
  • unlock maps from star wars battlefront 1 in compaign mod
  • have flying vehicles in utapuu map
  • have more platforms on kamino map with flying vehicles
  • have units climb on hills during the battle
  • have a droid that repairs vehicles like in star wars battlefront 1
  • make more changes on the ARC 170 starfighter make 3 crew 1 plot 1 gunner on top
    1 gunner on bottom
  • Add 1st and third persion views on vehicles
  • customize units like in renagade squadron
  • make your own vehicles
  • have tuskens raider as a playable in tatooine
  • dont put EPI 3 units on geonosis
  • add AT ATS on endor because there a scan of it
  • make the graphics look cool
  • dont go through objects
  • have a ground battle and space battle both in 1 map
  • dont add bullets blade on some vehicles
  • make clones say ahhh when they get shut down
  • make CPUs land on enemy hanger in space maps
  • have vehicles from battlefront 1 jedi star fighter maf/droid gunship
  • dont make the commant post a weird looking like battlefront elite squardron
  • make cool and weird sounds on units and vehicles
  • dont add theta class shuttle on the empire era add this shuttle on the clone wars era
  • add new heros Ahsoka tano ventres and more
  • just make space vehicles spin and twist when there are in the hanger
  • when a space vehicle is destroyed but a unit is still alive make it joke because space doesn't have air
  • make hangers way bigger and add space for vehicles
  • have mod maps in the pc version
  • also try to go on turrets but some turrets will be in ships
  • add turrets inside the hanger for anamy vehicle they will shoot theme
  • if a unit drops a weapon another unit could pick it up
  • more factions and different playable factions depending on the time of the battle (ex.Anti troopers
  • have droids that have jet pack
  • more kinds of units
  • make the same size of vehicles like in Elite Squardron
  • units that could teleporte
  • have all charecters in star wars battlefront 3
  • add another laser bolts on the droideka
  • new weapon light the laser gun on unigt
  • AND PLEASE DICE DO NOT have rented servers (only privated servers for Friends).Because in the game of Battlefield 3 ranted servers Bans players for no reason this happens to me a lot and the admins from there are 12 yrsd.They do that because one is better than them and they rage and bans people for AIM-BOT.That happens to me alot in that game I was being a good player but some admin rage like little kids so dice don't sell those custom server but only sell private servers.

By: EternalBlazeEdit

This basically sums up everything I want in a nutshell.

  • More factions, and different playable factions depending on the time of the battle (ex. Anti-Troopers shortly after the Rise of the Empire, Mandalorians during Mandalorian War).
  • A ton of more environments
  • Connect land and space battles
  • Better graphics, gameplay
  • The ability to play with NPCs (or Bots)
  • Include all of the Star Wars universe.history into the campaign = new and longer, more in-depth missions
  • Campaigns of each major faction (Republic, CIS, Rebellion, Empire, etc.)
  • The ability to customize your own character, Jedi, and Sith
  • The ability to make custom maps
  • More classes
  • Evolution of classes: For example, when a player is using a clone in Phase I armor, they could get an amount of XP and go to Phase II armor, which holds more damage resistance and has more manueverability.
  • Make turrets more accurate
  • More vehicles
  • Harder AI (If turned on), as BFII on Elite was still the same
  • More than 5 types of lightsaber combat styles (and stances)
  • More gametypes
  • The ability to play in third person
  • Players can redo their controls (instead of pre-made layouts) if they prefer a specific setting.
  • This
  • Ability to change from 1st to 3rd person combat.
  • Hand to hand combat.
  • More abilities with Jedis, Sith, etc.
  • More maps for Heroes/Villains.
  • More heroes/villains.
  • Co-op campaign.
  • Galactic Conquest, or something like it, but upgraded with more planets.

By: Sam2011Edit

  • The Unit Orders To Work Properly.
  • To fly from a planet to space.
  • Bigger maps.
  • A game mode where you have infinite reinforcements to practice.
  • A single online server where there are the most players.
  • Able to put Bots online.

By: HaldirEdit

  • All units from the movies ie different Clone trooper factions for each planet
  • All maps from the first two and I mean all of them.
  • Jedi Hunt Mode on Coruscant
  • Some of the really good mod maps portecd
  • Oh and current generation (PS3, X-Box 360) as well.

By: Darth PlagueisEdit

  • More troop factions
  • More troops allowed to be on the battlefield at one time
  • More reinforcements and bigger reinforcement percentages in the Instant Action Options Menu.
  • More planets, maps, campaigns, and missions
  • Better graphics (of course)
  • More weapons and the ability to pick up weapons dropped by dead enemies
  • More Heroes/Villains
  • After explosions, it would be cool if units could actually catch on fire from the fiery debris.
  • More powers/weapons for Heroes/Villains and more combo attacks for Jedi Heroes/Villains
  • Slightly bigger environments
  • Smart Bots
  • A larger variety of turrets and vehicles in levels
  • More turrets and vehicles
  • More cheats
  • Space battles that encompass more than just two starships
  • More indigenous species in certain levels
  • All content from the previous two games added in with all of these to create a cool game
  • More types of starfighters
  • Glitches in every level
  • Awesome explosion effects (this goes with graphics)
  • More armor/clothing styles for all factions for every level
  • More facial expressions on all troops, creating a realistic effect
  • More dialogue for every faction while fighting
  • Better Galactic Conquest mode
  • The ability to control an entire starship while in battle by taking an elevator to the command bridge and jumping in a seat somewhere up there
  • More positions of death, instead of troops just falling down and dying in the same position every time
  • More factions for each side during space battles
  • The ability to be able to eject from a starfighter and fall to the surface of the planet you are above
  • The ability to be able to walk on the outside of your starship in battle, including on the top of it, or to jetpack across to some other starship
  • Battles that can take place under water (only on water planets)
  • Special turrets, vehicles, and troops for these battles
  • Everything you said above, Haldir

By: ClankEdit

  • More units to play as (Commandos, Commanders, ARCs etc.),
  • better graphics,
  • larger battlefronts,
  • more playable creatures,
  • more ships to fly in,
  • more realistic explosions,
  • more heroes, underwater battles,
  • more new planets,
  • destructible environments,
  • more stamina for heroes (lasts twice as long),
  • more space battles,
  • longer lasting Jetpack fuel (twice as long),
  • flying vehicles above land (like the first battlefront),
  • canon missions...

By: Darth XrenEdit

It should be more realistic, and the environment should be destructible. XL mode should basically be the normal mode. Real battles have heaps and heaps of soldiers, firing nonstop. There should be a "realistic mode", where its basically one shot one kill (unless you get shot in the leg or arm). It really doesn't take 5 shots in the chest to kill someone. And these are lasers, not plain old bullets. DMM and Euphoria should be integrated into BFIII. Battlefield texture and detail should be greatly improved. Jedi moves should be enhanced. There should be something called "Jedi Mode" which in short means that when you are a Jedi (or Sith) the game utilizes the controls from Episode III, which will give extremely better moves.

By: Boba fett 32Edit

Well i am hoping for some new and old troopers such a:

  • Phase III Darktrooper
  • ARC Trooper
  • Clone Commando
  • Storm Commando
  • Shadow Stormtrooper
  • Imperial Marine
  • Stormtrooper
  • Also i hope that they can include these Weapons
  • T-21 Repeating blaster
  • DC-15A
  • DC15S
  • Imperial pistol
  • Yo! i have more ideas!
  • Sentinel-class Landing craft
  • Lambda Class-Shuttle
  • Repeating guns
  • Eclipse class star dreadnought

By: TuggieGameReviewsEdit

  • No stupid AI
  • More Balanced gameplay
  • Good map design (take hint at Battlefront 1 maps)
  • Focus on the gameplay/multiplayer more than on campaign...once again balanced gameplay.

By: shocktrooper11Edit

  • more map's from all battlefront games more AT-AT's and AT-ST's on hoth.
  • more solider variant's such as air droid and clone commando.
  • effect's like if a droid was in an explosion it would be on fire and have spark's coming out of it chassis
  • clone commander keep's it SWBFII skin.
  • more action as a b1 battle droid and phase one trooper.
  • 2 disc's one for galactic civil war one for clone wars and one is special features.
  • upgrade you trooper and have colour marking's depending on your rank or legion.
  • log's role down hill's on endor to trip over AT-ST like in SWBFI trailer.
  • one think i realy want is a rebel mortar trooper you can see it in star wars galactic battleground's.
  • bigger map's mean more trooper's and more trooper's mean more fun.
  • customize like elite squadrons
  • Like originaly in battlefornt the command post is on top of the shield generator and the doors are closed i want this in hunt mode only endor.
  • For the cis in space battles there recon droid is a buzz droid.
  • Dark Trooper Phase III like in elite squadrons.
  • No NPC's make everyone playable.
  • Land to space map
  • Super Campaign ep1 to ep 7

By: EndordudeEdit

  • Ability to change the weather on certain planets. For Example: make a blizzard on hoth or a sand storm on tatooine
  • Ships and vehicals that are destroyed stay on the battle feild.
  • Smarter computer players
  • Be able to leave the ground and go to space on same battle feild
  • One or Two clone wars animated charicter, no more
  • Ability to custimize your own hero charicter and add him to a map
  • Ablitity to custimize soldiers
  • Unlockable upgrades, and logos
  • if you do have logos make some galactic feration stuff for it to.
  • If you jump inside an ememys star fighter, the enimies won't attack you untill you attack them, (mabey even your own team mates will attack you before you attack the emimies, but that probably wouldn't work that good)
  • Add some expanded universe charicters to the empire and reble side.
  • Be able to apply and unapply land to space settings
  • Better storie lines.
  • A few cut scenes, but not much
  • Make the story line have you make choices that affect your story.
  • Same CP's as SWBF2
  • Many diffrent ships for one side
  • kimino
  • Bespian
  • Keep hunt mode (come on, you gotta love killing stormtroops with ewoks!)
  • Creative maps, and old inspired ones to.
  • Unlockable upgrades
  • Expanded Universe maps.
  • It would be cool to see an new vehical created by you guys too.
  • ability to move around your capital ship
  • long range missles that can fire from your capital ship to his any desired location

{C}This is just some things that would make this game cooler, i know you can't add everyone's ideas in it, but i hope this gave you some insite on what we want if your makeing it Spark. Thanx for reading! And May the force be with you all.

By: TI154thEdit

I would like Star Wars Battlefront 3 to have the following features.

  • The ability to perfectly customize my game controller like in Star Wars Battlefront 2.
  • I want the character class to stay in the game but with the ability to predetermine 3 unique character classes, 2 special, 1 a build class like from Renegade Squadron. So I would like 7 character class to pick from when starting the game.
  • This is apart of the request above. I would like one type of character class that is unique for every planet you go on. Example, the ability to have Rad Troopers on massively radiated planets, and have them have there canon abilities even if it doesn't seem balanced.
  • This also plays into the above request. The seconded special class should be based off all the specialized ELITE troops of the factions they belong to. Example Imperial Navy Commandos, Storm Commandos, Dark Trooper Mark. III, Hazard Troopers, in general Specialized troops that are Elite and are NOT terrain themed.
  • I want the award system we had in Star Wars Battlefront 2 but with even more award features. Example.
    • Customizable armor. Instead of using the Standard Dark Trooper Mark. III armor when you advance you can use the Inquisitor Dark Trooper armor with anti-jedi defensive capabilities.
    • Customizable weapons. Instead of using a standard Dark Trooper Mark.III you can use one that carries an array of integrated weaponry, including a pair of dual blaster cannons, two in each wrist, and six PLEX rocket tubes located under the shoulder plates, three per shoulder. (The above was taken from wookiepedia.)
    • War Hero, I want that award but with different effects. I want this award to give me more than a damage buff, I want it to change my character all together. Like if I am playing as a Storm Commando I want to turn into a NightWhisper Storm Commando. They are the most dangerous Storm Commandos but not only that they are undead and have minor Darkside spirits that travel around them. Or if I am a Imperial Navy commando I turn into a member of the infamous Red 6 Imperial Navy Commando team (Warning I just made that team up but you get what I am getting at). I want the effect to stay permanent if I get elite status in War Hero.
  • I want all the customizable weapons that were in Renegade Squadron, Elite Squadron, and more!
  • I want this games story and game play to take place right before, during and after the Battle of Endor and Dark Empire. Not enough game stories are game play takes place during the Battle of Endor or around the 2nd Death Star or the events of Dark Empire. I feel that the game play now days focuses to much on the Battle of Yavin, and Hoth, and I am getting a little board with it. So much new content could be made that feels fresh if made especially during the Dark Empire era.
  • I don't want vehicles to have to be stuck in the classes they are in now in Star Wars Battlefront 2, Renegade Squadron, and Elite Squadron. TIE Interceptors are one of the most superior Starfighters in the Empire, it out classes the TIE Fighter and other Imperial and Rebel fighters in just about every way, YET in Battlefront 2 and Renegade Squadron it has weaker laser cannons than the TIE Fighter, and weaker armor.
  • This goes with the above. Make all the Ships, Star fighters, vehicles, infantry, and weapons, fit with there canon capabilities. Example. TIE Interceptors with one shot kill laser cannons or at least close to it. Nearly indestructible AT-AT. If balance is an issue construct the battle ground itself to even it out, or the conditions of the match. I will somewhat compromise on this but at least try and make it closer to canon, Dark Troopers shouldn't be the frailest unit in the game.
  • I want more worlds to fight on with exotic environments.
  • This goes with the above. I want specialized troops for unique planets. Like if you try and use a Stormtrooper on hoth, they slide all over the place, they cant travel on 45% of the map and if they get shot one time they start losing health until they die to simulate having a breach in there body glove.
  • This also goes with the above. Of all the unique different environments I could think of fighting on I want to fight in the oceans the most! I want to play as a Seatrooper in the Imperial Blue/Brown/Green navy, with Navlized, AT-AT swimmers, TIE Boats and TIE Subs. The whole works! I want to fight on one of the Death Sea worlds that is full of radiation and is pitch black and boiling! And also fight on more normal ocean like environments with lots of coral city's and or trenches with giant seaweed forests to fight in. Not many if any shooter game has done any levels underwater if you pulled it off it would be big, especially taking into consideration how different the game play would be!
  • Bigger teams! I heard the computer version of Star Wars Battlefront 2 could have 64 people play at a time unlike the 32 max on an Xbox. I want the limit to go up too or above 64 people.
  • More neutral npc armies. I want to have to deal with more than one army in versus mode. I want these armies to be factions neutral and or hostile to both the Empire and Alliance, Republic and CIS if playing during clone wars.

I would love to be playing a Space Assault match and have face the Alliance Navy and the Black Sun or the Zann Consortium Navy at the same time. The tactical options available to players would go up greatly, you could fight defensively and let the A.I. kill the other player, or if the other players are good enough kill the A.I. at the right time to deny the other players points, OR let them over stretch there bounds and take there territory/capital ships from them while they were trying to fight the A.I.

By:8-Bit LegacyEdit

  • 64 player maps
  • Gun customizing
  • Character customizing (Male/Female, Species, etc.)
  • ADS (Aim Down Sights)
  • High Quality Graphics, But Can Be Played On An HD6770
  • It Needs to utilize at least two cores
  • Destruction (Like That Of Battlefeild 3)
  • Armour Customization (Come On, Who Wants To See A Plain White Clone? Lets Add kammas! Paint! Anyone Else For A Femtrooper?)
  • The SWBF1 UI. That, Or The Ghost Recon 1 UI. Both Very Good.
  • Perks (Like CoD)
  • Starwars Style Ammo. (Please? 180 shots? in the movies they had around 500 shots in a clip!)
  • Online Mod Support (Look, I Know We Hate Modders In CoD, But Having The Server Crash When A Modder Enters is worse, So Just Add It.)
  • Gun Modes (Semi, Triple, Auto)
  • Vehicles, Just Add Tons.
  • Gun Customisation, (Like CoDbo)
  • Minor Sides, such as: Reble Clones(GCW, Kamino, Naboo, Courasaunt), Old Droids(GCW, Geonosis), Smugglers(Mos Eisly), Tweileks(CW, Ryloth), etc.
  • Back To The Modding, If The Host Of A Server Has A Mod, Everyone Else On THat Server Has That Mod, Untill they leave.
  • Add Small AI, Like Birds, Wamp Rats, MSE Droids, Astromechs
  • Make Fun Maps, Like Courasaunt dumps, Dexter's diner, Mos Eisly cantina(I Know That Theres a cantina in mos eisly map, but I Want One Like In Lego Star Wars(Kinda Stupid, but it'd be funny))
  • Make Use Of DX11, But Dont Make It Intensive, It Should Be Able To Run On A 6750 (I Use A 6770, Waiting for something awesome, like a 660 ti, I'd love that)
  • This Is Stupid, But Make Graphics card decals. Like I Want to scrape off the BF3 Logo on an HD6970, and put it on there) thay'd be AWESOME!!!
  • Give It Easter Eggs, Like A Room with random "Old" Computer Parts (By Old, I Mean what we curently have) And A PC with SWB3 on it, Which You Can Play By pressing "E" on the keyboard's buttons. Or a Secret Party room, which has an "on purpous glitch" to get to
  • Custom Classes, Which The AI use (For Example, You Create 6 classes, as if you would create your own, and the AI use them, on Multiplayer The Classes Are Decided by the host)

By: Theta-192Edit

  • Ground battles should feature hundreds of troops 0.0
  • Space ships should crash into the ground once they are destroyed, like on eps-III. If some of the crew lives, they should be able to get outside of the ship and assist in the ground battle.
  • The remains of troopers, tanks, fighters, ect should not dis-appear from the battlefield. This would make a warzone look like a warzone.
  • Dozens of capitol ships spraying each other with fire, and hundreds of starfighters dodging the shots and zooming between the behomeths!
  • Amazing graphics!
  • Semi-realistic physics: Bombs DO NOT fall in space. They move foward in the direction they are launched. AT-ATs should only be tripped by Tow-Cables if they are moving.
  • Boarding should be turned into a more complicated affair: Instead of landing gunships into the hanger of a capitol ship, there should be specialized "Boarding ships" that launch boarding pods onto the ships hull. Soldiers within the boarding pods will then cut through the hull of the capitol ship and shoot their way to the bridge or other vital areas.
  • Command posts should be made of tactical importance within a starship. Auxillary systems are under the control of the team who controls the Engineering Deck. Weapons are under control of those who control the weapons deck, and whoever controls the bridge can control the vessel directly.
  • Smaller ships can be boarded by loading them into a larger ships hanger bay(Like the Tantive-IV)
  • The defending team should have base structures. For example, if you build a barracks on a planet, you should spawn more infantry. If you build a factory, you will spawn tanks.
  • If you are shot down to zero health, it should not be the end. An allied soldier should be able to carry you to a medical facility, where you can be revived with a little good ol' bacta. If a certain amount of time passes, or you are shot while in this state, you will die. You can also press the triangle button to die instanty.
  • Space structures should also be able to built by a worlds defender. All structures should have full interiors!
  • A world should have several "sectors". A sector would be like maps, except you may move from to another in the midst of a battle. Some would be fully under your control , while others would be contested, or under enemy control.
  • At the beginning of the battle, the attacking fleet should have no control over any ground sectors. They must deploy transports to take control of neutral ground sectors and establish a landing zone for attacking the opponents base.
  • In you're capitol sector, you should have a command center. If you press the enter button next to the main seat in you're command center, you could take command of you're troops in an RTS style.
  • Vehicles and Starships must be built outside of battle in the strategic map. A ship or vehicle that is damaged should remain damaged outside of battle. Unless its put on a planet with the proper repair facilities.
  • Civilians should be added. Not local militia's as in most Starwars games, but having civilians doing their ordinary business in non-contested sectors, would add a sense of realism. In contested sectors they would try to run to either another sector, or to a transport and attempt to hyperspace out of the system. Firing at civilians will lead to points being deducted from you're score(Like deing or shooting a ally)
  • Carrying a shot civilian or soldier to a medical facility will earn you points.
  • Underwater sectors in planets like Naboo are a MUST!
  • Space would be considered its own seperate sector above the grand map.
  • Troops should be carried aboard APCs.
  • Did I mention what the multi-player in a game like this would be 0.0
  • Space walks to repair a vessel in the middle of combat.
  • Defenders should be able call in reinforcements from nearby systems.
  • Retreat should be an option, loading as many troops as you can into a transport and flee to the nearest system.
  • Gravity well generators for the part above...
  • A huge amount of tactics and strategies at you're disposal!
  • Minor factions(Hutts, pirates, minor rebels, ect.)
  • AI would have to implement all of the above. And be VERY intellegent to survive in this enviroment.
  • Weather on varius planets...
  • An MMO mode in which two players are elected commanders of the two factions, the rest take orders from them.

Yah, I know a game like this would be expensive, time consuming, and a bit much really. But, if lucasarts had spent that 300 million on a game like this instead of ToR!! But this is what I think BF-III should be like, and if they DID make it like this, it would totally rock Battefield 3, & Modern Warfare 3's socks off. Cool huh?

By: MaxReeboEdit

  • Entirely destructible capital ships
  • More than two main ships
  • ability to form squadrons of ships in space
  • More turbolaser batteries (too few)
  • land to space, space to land combat
  • destructible environments (collapsable walls and buildings)
  • changing weather
  • native animals
  • civilians (killable, but at penalty)
  • larger amount of fieldable troops, diverse groups of men (divisions, brigades, battalions)
  • ability to order groups of men around the map
  • command system (private, sergeant, major, lieutenant, etc.)
  • actual tactics and teamwork, not just running into a battlefield almost always exclusively by one's self.
  • bodies stay on the field of battle and can be dragged to become barriers, anything can be used to make a makeshift barrier
  • customizable weaponry, outfit and appearance
  • diverse assortment of air and ground support depending on the map
  • more unique unit selection depending on the map
  • new and/or improved playable factions
  • specific body part damage and wounds (no more entire body health)
  • carrying and healing of wounded troops
  • Overall, just more realistic gameplay.

By: Commander AwesomeEdit

Main Article: User:Commander Awesome/My ideas future Battlefront games and DLC

The general rundown of what I wantEdit

  • It needs to go bigger. Bigger modes on bigger maps for bigger battles.
  • More content then the last game, both at launch and in DLC.
  • Go beyond the Original Trilogy and Sequel Trilogy. Beyond the films as well.
  • Feature more gameplay elements from the original series.
    • Instead of just building off of the last game, take the best from all the previous games and new stuff to make a game that's truly worthy of the series' legacy.
  • Include more stuff from "Legends".
  • Make it deeper and more tactical but still easy enough for casual gamers.
  • Keep it T-rated. I like to be able to play it with family.
  • EA, let DICE and Motive take their time. I'd be willing to wait an extra year if it means i'll get a more polished and complete game, and I'm sure many other fans would, too. Seriously, DON'T RUSH THIS GAME! 

To be continued...

By: Jacen55Edit

I don't have huge ideas on SWBF3, but I want them to use all maps from both SWBF1 and SWBF2. SWBF2 added some good maps, but also took out some good ones. That's it really.

By: ItawtisawatweetybewdEdit

  • Boarding Actions. Example: A Clone Engineer (it should only work with regular troopers and engineers) runs up to an AAT, jumps on top and forces the hatch off with his fusion cutter (regular trooper would use his gun to blast off the hatch). Then he kills the droids inside with his shotgun and takes it over. Just like in Halo.
  • All maps from Battlefront 1 and 2 plus some more i.e. Ord Mantell, Dantooine, Raxis Prime.
  • No retarded AI engineers running around like morons holding their Fusion Cutters.
  • VISUAL DAMAGE! Like if hit hard enough, the turrent on the AT-TE can get blown off.
  • Better graphics.
  • More vehicles.
  • Space to land transportation. Like if you are on Kashyyyk and want to be in a space battle you can call for a transport to go to Space and vice versa.
  • A campaign for each faction.
  • The destruction stays. Example: A Larty (LAAT Gunship) gets shot down and crashes, the debris remains, providing cover.
  • Bullet holes.
  • More to come!

By Rguy3Edit

  • More soldier classes in space. You have your pilot and your marine, but that's it. Maybe an admiral is in order?
  • Some capital ship piloting. Not what you think! Firstly, it can't change altitude. Second, there's a special interface for it asking what position to move to. It is impossible to move on top of anything on the battlefield.
  • If you crash into space debris, you die. So when a peice of debris hits a capital ship, the sheilds go down a bit.
  • More cause and effect, in general. If your engines die, the piloting in suggestion 2 gets disabled. If a powwer generator in one map explodes, all the indoor lights go out until it's repaired. See what I mean?
  • I know this has been suggested before, but vehicle rubble should stay where it is. It should have a heath gage too, however, and when that goes it blows into smaller pieces, which eventually dissapear.
  • Some new weapons, naturally. Maybe the ability to pick up dropped ones on the battlefeild, and the ability to drop them, too.


  • Better AI that can defend command posts in a team, actually take cover when hurt instead of Banzai charging and will support the player.
  • Better Space Battles: I'll admit that the Space Battles weren't as fun as they should of been so I recommend that the following be added or fixed.
  • Better pilot AI (ships flying together as a squadron, or bombers actually bombing the enemy capital ship)
  • Don't use the Jedi Starfighter as a normal ship
  • Include the B-Wing
  • Let us fly the Capital ships and possibly the frigates, *Other things Make it a more team based game
  • Make the Rebel Soldier use the Tantive IV uniform not the Endor one
  • Clones have different armor on different maps for example: Phase 1 on Geonosis and Phase 2 with Orange on Utapau.
  • Add a cover system
  • Add more dialogue for each side (Imperial shout : "Rebel Scum" and Clones may shout : "Take that you piece of rust")

Small thing from a random person: Edit

  • B-Wings! (they are awsome)! #B-wing
  • The ability to pilot the capital ships (ship-to-ship ramming)?
  • The ability to customize/modify and own your own ship (Armour, hull, weapon configurations etc).
  • much larger amount of ships/land vehicles.
  • The ability to destry ships and not just their hardpoints
  • obviously, better graphics (I am sur they will be in the game anyway, so I have no Idea why I wrote it :) )


By: Shahryar444Edit

    • Have more elite units (the elite units are the units you earn in the game, the last units).
    • Have a co-op campaign.
    • More villains, villains that are based off of the old republic.
    • Include Captain Rex, Anakin Skywalker evil version (wearing a hood).
    • Include galatic conquest.
    • If your playing on space levels, i want you to be able to go into the planet and fight infrantry also at the same time.
    • Maybe include the Clone Wars (2008 television series) storyline as the campaign, or the Old Republic is a better storyline.
    • Make sure there's an XL (extra large armies) mode for specific levels that are large such as Hoth, Geonosis, Kamino, etc.
    • Have the same modes from the previous Battlefront games, maybe add more modes such as zombie survival (but maybe not a good idea). But its better to have the Geonosis closeium to use as the survival from the droids while you are jedis like from Episode 2 of Star Wars films.
    • Make sure you have the maps from original star wars battlefront which are: Bespin Cloud City, Bespin Platforms, Geonosis Spire or you can create a Geonosis that includes everything (the spire, the ground, the bases, basically the whole planet for XL mode).
    • Have at least 8 kind of units. Make sure the units are: Soldier, Rocket, Sniper, Shotgun/Medic, Elite Unit #1, Elite Unit #2, Elite Unit #3, and Special Unit (maybe the hero, or a very strong unit that can be used only for a limited amount of time).
    • Also I want to be able to pick up a gun that someone died with, that I can use a sniper rifle while i have a rocket launcher as my secondary.
    • Dual Weapons will be amazing in the game.
    • More vehicles.
    • Maybe more combos hits and slashes for the Heros, like having different lightsaber moves, like in the video game Star Wars Episode 3 revenge of the sith.
    • Once you fininshed the campaign, you unlock the alternative campaign, being the evil side and once you finish the campaign while being the other side, you can unlock more maps and more units and even more heroes.
    • Hope you read this DICE (creators of one of the best shooting games; Battlefield 3)

By: crazycraft5001Edit

  • Customizeable armor: like in halo where you can change the color within limits 
  • Upgradeable weapons: with a certain amount of kills you get a slightly better weapon
  • Better AI: the AI in SWBF2 was derpy 
  • More clans 
  • Keep third person!!
  • More vehicles
  • More set classes
  • Easter eggs: please add easter eggs they are fun DICE
  • Commads: like follow me or space formations
  • More hunts
  • Thanks I hope DICE sees this 

By: Edit

Here are some ideas:

  • Variation in weapons and authenticity of weapons (e.g. slug thrower, knife, tusken cycler)
  • Realism mode/ authentic armor effects (mode with 1-shot to head or chest =death, to other places maim players and have realistic disuse of that body part (trouble moving when shot in leg, shooting when in arm), no health/ammo droids (ammo only from engineers), maybe yes/maybe no for healing from medics. have other weapons, not just run-of-the-mill blasters, in the game. [e.g. mandalorian armor resistance {but, for e.g. may be broken to force powers that, of a wise jedi, can use its flaws in making in order to destroy it}] and clone trooper armor resistance capabilities. 
  • Have cheat that takes off clones' hats and that does "snowball wars" :)
  • expanded universe/ other species/ conflicts
  • EARTH INVASIONS!!!(combination of Battlefield and SWBF3 in at least 1 map)  get some of the better abilities like jumping out of moving airplane in 1st game back to this one. 
  • Maybe some connectivity with/similar to Old Republic? but still have single player mode. 
  • Better jedi controls
  • Mode without command posts that affect the counts; just "drop off" of base troops at back of map at begging (or in random place; player's choice) and then reinforcements on command of the player. (chance that reinforcements are shot down) Have to reach and secure certain areas (command posts), but have not affect "reinforcement count" (in this version, 2 counts: one for remaining reinforcements available to call in and other is raw number of troops left over deployed for the field of battle (does not include on reinforcement count. Reinforcement drops can be wherever on the field, but can sustain damage, possibly killing all on board, or if with warning, an air-drop. Give player choice to be pilot instead of just directing it.
  • Have Zelda type memory, where you can replay map with damage left over from last time.
  • Eliminate battlefield boundaries. 
  • Parachute!!
  • Specs ops missions maybe at least 1 world map (Earth??!) could do continuous battle Zelda-style…could have 2 ones; one offline, one online maybe release mod where maps from BF2/Vietnam/WW2 are remade for this game! 
  • Have some easter eggs add in game games like racing game from tatooine.
  • Team commands
  • Don't just base it off SWBF2, also off the first, like certain things like easier/better HUD…
  • Make backwards compatible and good with mac
  • Map-making program where you can take photos of a place and turn it into a map (google earth-connected?) and maybe time/weather differences/ control heroes: assault, but only with those specific to that place.
  • Underwater
  • Good luck and may the Force be with you!

By: Vulture DroidEdit

Please add some of the CIS Vehicles and Droids/Characters such as:

By: Volcom Goes HardEdit

  • New DLC's every few months that include starwars planets
  • Galactic Conquest
  • Storyline that switches off from the rebels to the empire
  • Squadrons to join or create Online
  • Instant Action Online
  • The ability to switch from 3rd person to first
  • customize weapons and Armor Online
  • The ability to start up from the ground into space
  • Ground breaking effects and sounds
  • Republic Commando DLC
  • Scorestreaks/Killstreaks (Earn Hero or Villian)

By: Dreadtroopeer Edit

  • NOTE: I'm sorry, but I accidentally created a new category saying "By: Dreadtroopeer". I meant to add what I'd like to see in the new game, not create a new category. Can someone remove that category, please?
  • Would like to see ragdolls.
  • Have bodies of fallen soldiers and wreckage of downed vehicles not disappear.
  • Keep Heroes/Villains.
  • Would like to see a new version of Galactic Conquest (if that gamemode is still there.).
  • I don't know how to stress how much ground-to-space combat in every map is a great idea. :D (but if people don't want that, then perhaps an option to take away that from specific chosen maps is also a good idea.)
  • Be accurate, and try to research on Star Wars as much as possible. A game won't make sense if the terms and lore is wrong.
  • Be able to pilot capital ships.
  • Customize character design. (pauldrons, kama, ammo belt, etc.)
  • Add a traitor system. If player kills about a certain number of teammates on purpose, then they switch sides. (Not too sure about this one though.)
  • Add contents from the extended universe. (Force Unleashed, spin-offs, etc.) (Kinda support this. :I)
  • Have a dynamic environment. (Destroying ____ will cause ____ to happen.)
  • Do not have customizable weaponry. A game is not fun when we have overpowered players.
  • Be able to play as native group on a specific planets.
  • Detailed environments. (This should be easy for you, DICE.)
  • Have environmental factors that can be changed on the playlist loading menu. For example, we can control if Hoth is sunny during the battle, or a snowstorm is occurring.

May add more.

By: Wardie1993Edit

  • New playable unit types, such as General Kalani/Super tactical droid, TX-20/T-series tactical droid, BX-series droid commando, the ability to use the B1 battle droid in any battle where they featured, which is almost every battle in the Clone Wars, Koorivar Fusiliers, Gossam Commandos, Alto Stratus' Nimbus Commandos
  • New enemy types, such as BX-series droid commando sniper team
  • New weapons: Vibroblades, the heavy sniper used by the BX-series droid commado sniper team in the episde "The Deserter", ability to use Flak guns on the Providence-class dreadnought etc
  • New vehicles, such as the AAT in CIS white and blue paint job, the Defoliator tank, the J-1 proton cannon etc
  • New planets
  • New heroes/villains
  • Character customisation
  • Character creator
  • Smarter AI
  • Map Editor/Battle creator


Ok, I know a lot of people like SWBF2. But, in the new game, can DICE please remove or fix these issues?:

  • SWBF2 had (in my opion) some of the stupidist AI systems in history. The command of 'Follow Me!' made the AI trooper literally tail you! And, in combat, they were horrible! They would say stuff like "Over There!" they totally ruined your sneak attack stragety!
  • Also, don't force us to BUY DLC. DLC should all be free. I KNOW, I KNOW. It costs MONEY to run servers. But, you guys are charging the price of 60-90$ and there will be over 1 million copies sold, so, times that by 60$, taking away all of the expenses, and so on.
  • Space Combat with mobile command posts, or editable land/air battles, where you can stop the ship in an area, get out, let another get in, and run in, fighting on foot.
  • Space vehicles from ALL eras. Now, i ain't saying it's not fun flying just X-Wings or A-wings. LOVE IT. Wouldn't play any other mode like it. HATE TO SEE IT GO. Want to die with it I loved it so much. (SARCASM) I HATED the fact that I couldn't fly a Geonosian Starfighter through Geonosis's atmos, and I wish I could also fly through the atmos of Teth in an ARC-170.
  • Add a cool animation of when you crash of your guy getting thrown from the craft, like in Force Awakens. It's something NO GAME has tried before, and it would be revolutionary.
  • Add the ability to have to actually move to a location to heal. Not self heal automatically. That's unrealistic, and un-Star Wars like. What we all loved in BF2 was running accross the wasteland of Hoth with about 10% Health left, dodging and avoiding fire to get to a Health Droid. Now, it would be totally cool if they added a Health Droid, like a Mobile 2-1B droid for the rebels, and a floating Mini-Death Star Thing for the Imperials.
  • New Forces: Allow us to play as Hondo Ohnaka's Crew, fighting another gang in the corriders to free (or capture) a group of prisoners, or something like that. It would be totally awesome.
  • Bring back Rhen Var, Bespin, Kashyyk, Yavin, and other BF1 maps. Especially PLATFORMS, one of THE BEST game maps of all time.

More to add!

By: AnonymousEdit

Note: If you are not signed up, write in this list and must share this list with other users. Do NOT delete or add to another user's list.

  • To be able to have a map the size of half the planet with 5000 bots on it were buildings are destructible like on coruscant you could blow up a building (like battlefield) and crush 100 bots and just fly away laughing. then fly up into space and see two giant spaceships battling it out on the same map (no load screens) then land on my teams ship and fire down on the planet shooting down buildings then my teams ship losses power, life support or fuel and starts going down and is like that bit in star wars ep3 where the ship goes down and panic and dust rain down on every one, and i want this on split screen. i know this would make the console/PC etc. lag the F%!* out but that is what</span> I (personally) want and because of the next gen consoles i hope you (DICE) will make so i can sit down and play with my mates on the same couch and kill lots of bots by doing this stuff. 
  • But also add new special units: underwater class (mon cala, underwater droid, scuba clone etc.) and a jetpack/flight specific class (eg rocket droid or some flying alien for rebels)
  • Bring back movement features like proning, sprinting and rolling
  • Have names for each command post like in swbf1
  • Smarter AI
  • The maps should be more accurate to the movie.
  • The graphics should be as good (or almost as good) as the movies.
  • Be able to play as natives.
  • Campain should be like rupublic commando
  • More vehicles.
  • Falling Buildings (you have the engine)
  • Space to ground maps.
  • More units per team.
  • Co-op mode (like borderlands campaign) 
  • all this on Offline mode
  • More types of mobile command posts.
  • Ground maps with starfighters.
  • More accurate vehicles (for example, the V-Wig is a nimble fighter, not a heavy bomber. And the arc-170 should have three slots so three players can get in.
  • Some kind of melee system (like hiting with the butt of your gun.
  • Better first person.
  • TIE hunters. A tie hunter is a fighter that has laser cannons and ion cannon and it looks like an X-Wing.
  • overall you want to show the world how awesome starwars can get, make it flashy with lots of futuristic explosions an plasma gun fire!
  • in space be abble to have battlefields on top of the ships(while the characters have space suits so they can breath and float) and the shots sound really quite but amplifyd if you know what i mean.
  • For this game I want some new walkers like A-PT AT-XT and Tri-Droid. A Tri-Droid is a walker with three legs and a ball on top you can see it in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  • I want a B-Wing with laser cannons and ion cannons and proton torpedoes.
  • I want to have some changes on the ARC-170 Star fighter because I want to have three crew: 1 pilot 2 gunner on top and 3 gunners on the bottom
  • For Naboo maps I want Naboo guards vs. CIS without a Super Battle Droid.
  • For the laser cannon from Naboo Starfighter I want it green bolt and ion cannons from Episode I also some proton torpedoes.
  • I want a new clone unit that has fast repeating blaster like the Droideka.
  • For the Kamino map I want space vehicles and more platforms.
  • Also I want Bespin Platform to be a bigger map with more platforms with space vehicles.
  • For star wars battlefront III I want this game to be on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, psp, and Microsoft Windows.
  • For the campaign mod I want to start in star wars episode 1 up to episode 6.
  • For Geonosis map I want some 3 or more republic gunships and some AT-TE and some droid starfighters some spider walkers and some Geonosis starfighters but with laser cannons that shoot out purple bolts.
  • I want the map radar down left side during gameplay.
  • For space vehicles I want Naboo starfighter, Jedi starfighter from battlefront I, Droid Assault Flyer, the B-Wing, the Cloud Car from Bespin, Imperial shuttle, the Millennium Falcon, and the K-Wing.
  • For Hoth map I want more snow speeders with some AT-ATS and some walkers also I want some X-Wing and TIE Fighters to make Hoth map even better.
  • I want the command post green not blue and the same look of star wars battlefront
  • I would like to have more flying vehicles in ground battles like in the original.
  • i hope there will be evrey new thing that's in regade squadron, since i don't have a PSP and parts coming off veichesl before the vehicle gets destroyedall the othere stuff (ecepct for under water battles) (sorry about spelling
  • Well my wish list is to play as Commander Gree with his jet pack, and also have customizable characters like in renegade squadron and have more than just 100 credits. Also I would like to bring the gunships back in Geonosis, underwater battles and all battles connected if possible such as land+water+air+space like in Naboo. All for now!
  • I wish to be able to have control over Capital Ships and be able to manuver them so you can line up to fire broadsdes.
  • I would like to be able to destroy other capital ships and when your ship is destroyed the other team gains the ability to have an orbital bombardment like in Empire At War. This would last about a minute until a new capital ship drops in to take over the destroyed one.
  • I would love to see iconic star wars creatures in the battle such as reeks and wampas.
  • To take over a planet in conquest mode you have to battle on more than one map, Naboo for example you would do a battle in Theed city, Gungan city, swamp lands and the big field they battled on in ep 1
  • i would love to see an arena battle mini game, it would be hectic
  • The gunships need to be able to hold much more people even if they are just passengers and dont control a weapon
  • The AT TE transport gunship would be awesome in the game
  • Lots of Coruscant maps incorporating many aspects of the massive city. Like being able to jump in speeders and wizz around the city like in ep 2. Have big battles in the massive sky skrapers.
  • I want to be able to contol the allys of the planet you are battleing on. for example while playing as the alliance on endor you get to control the ewoks and when playing as the CIS on genonosis you get to control genonosians
  • Heaps of armour customisation
  • Have a few 3 way fights
  • Space battle with multiple capital ships
  • Space battle with the deathstar involved
  • There should be AI heroes or villians.
  • Add legions for example 501st, 212th, Wolfpack,etc.
  • Have new ships and different pilots.
  • Add new Force powers
  • Add new heroes and villians like Kit Fisto and Asajj Ventress
  • Add clone captains, commanders, sergeants like Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe, Commander Cody, Seargent Kano, etc.
  • Being able to choose PH1 or PH2 armor for clones (Then for Captain Rex or Commander Cody, they can have PH1 or PH2 armor.) and being able to play as a normal battle droid, not only a super battle droid.
  • In the options for Instant Action, you could choose which legion you want to play as for clones.
  • Different skins for different maps for troops and heroes like on a water map, there are scuba troopers and aqua droids and Anakin in his scuba diver outfit from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  • Have a free mode which is different from instant action where you can decide what planet you go to, pick a legion for the clones (Clone Wars only), how many reinforcements you have, who the heroes are for the map and what tanks and/or ships are gonna be used in the map.
  • Fix balances issues. For example Darthvader verses Chewbacha is not fair.
  • Advanced squad commends (i.e. have a  squad of 6, and 3 stay at the command post, 1 moves out , and 2 follow you.)
  • Make the A.I smarter.
  • Destructable enviorments.
  • Make the game revolve around Command posts or Killing all of their troops. Not by getting the ion cannon.
  • Bring back bombers.
  • Make common scence. For exaple Don't make a gaint map of a tiny frigit. Example the map from Star wars Battle front 2 the cruiser was extremly small but yet there was a map that was the size of a battle feild wich wont fit in there.
  • Do reasherch of your names.
  • Spell names correctly.
  • Bigger maps inside the ship that connect to all of the main functions [life support,ect].
  • When they blow up the ship makes a big sound and if your near the explosin you get hurt or die. Doors close off to that section of the map.
  • a clone called the heavy clone which has the big minigun from the cartoon and heavy armor.
  • We trust you to make this game look good.
  • One last thing you MUST do is to have command vehicles (AT-AT, AT-TE) on more maps than 2. For example, Utupau had AT-TEs and Endor had AT-ATs, and be creative with the maps you put them on.
  • Destructible enviroments please!
  • Make AIs actually work in squads or alone and on the HUD you have a list of commands you can order if you control the squad (based on rank).
  • More places to fire from while crouching (i.e. fallen tree on Endor)
  • Make more classes of soldiers for space battles.
  • Make campaign much better, possibly with a specific character (i.e. a clone commander named 57-98)
  • Make a special type of map that randomly generates (THIS WOULD BE SUPER EPIC)
  • Make traitor possibilities (i.e. Rebel shoots rebel in front of stormtrooper, other rebels start shooting at traitor, stormtrooper does not shoot traitor)
  • Make a different type of spy that can dress up like enemy
  • I'd just like to say if all these were implemented the game would be the greatest game ever
  • Make a new Tatooine map with open desert, sand people base.
  • Customization tool for character but witth more freedom like a minecraft skin
  • have better customization(use clone wars tv show stuff) and have more colors for troopers.
  • be able to create loadouts just how you want them(use all weapons and gear from Renegade and Elite and have as many slots as you need all slots have same stuff)
  • show some of weapons on your character (if load out is chaingun,blaster rifle,and sniper rife,and dual DC-17 pistols, show sniper and blaster rifle on characters back when not in use and pistols in holsters)
  • have underhand chaingun,not shoulder-mounted.
  • be able to create own vehicles
  • be able to control capitol ships
  • have all of the capital ships interior accessible
  • make character however you want, crates balance
  • make own campaign
  • more detailed and interactive maps
  • Iron Man style HUD focus on a guy for details
  • Ability to control more allies, and better, more real life based AIs. It gets annoying when your allies just bunch up next to you and they all die because a rocket hit one of them.
  • Ability to customize a ship that you have with a paint job. Like painting "Sky Killer" on your ARC-170 and putting a tiger face on it or something.
  • Allies actually attempt to build turrets, repair ships, board enemy ships, fix vehicles, and work together on a much more consistent basis. It got REALLY annoying to see this one AI sniper camp in a corner all match, have an engineer fix my already fixed TX-130, watch pilots try dogfighting in transport, and have my allies split up and get picked off.
  • In campaign, the gunships that support you should have better accuracy, and the ones that land to extract something you got should have the side gunners cover you, rather than have the side gunner just simply face the infantry that is coming at you and not do anything.
  • Preset gun choices for single units, not completely customizable. I don't want Call of Star Wars, I want another Battlefront. Armor customization, though, is acceptable so long as people can still tell what side you're on.
  • I would also like bigger capitol ship interiors. Also you should be able to move the capitol ships only not at a fast pace. Their should also be the ability to take command posts in ships like the Engine, Weapons, and Bridge. Also connect land and space. There should also be a "Rise of the Empire" clones and rebillion and CIS too. Also make a more worlds where you can play hero assault. There should also be a mode where you storm a Capitol ship and try to take the bridge. You could be a defending or attacking. Also, Customizable troops and more troops on the battlefield, Also, new planets= Ryloth, Bespin, Christophis. Please do more land vehicles and better troops controls!
  • Awesome graphics, although this should be a given.
  • Space to Ground battles
  • Keep the Battlefront feel, make it for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as well as next-gen consoles. I don't want to have to buy a PlayStation 4 just to play this game.
  • I would really love two new eras: the old republic and whatever they use in the new movies (probably something with the Yuzhaan Vong)
  • Ground to space battles with multiple maps per planet that you can fight for at once in Galactic Conquest. Make each map different: City, field, indoor, underwater, and outer space, so that you need a variety of tactics to take the system (I know certain planets like Dagobah won't have cities and Coruscant won't have fields or underwater but don't just make it all the same)
  • At least 64 players per side, 128 if you can magae it
  • Have native factions that are yellow, and if you capture their base you can spawn them as a unit (capture the tusken CP on Tatooine and you can spawn a tusken raider, or capture the gungan base to spawn gungans (I know no one would want ewoks but maybe they could allow ewok only traps on Endor to actually make them useful))
  • Keep all of the current units: soldier, sniper, engineer, assault, tank (eg wookie) and mobility (eg droideka)
  • A hero/villain creator that allows you to make a character with any of the powers or abilities that the other characters/units have
  • If you're playing as rebels you should be able to choose gender (but don't make female clones... derr)
  • Allow for more strategy based gameplay where you control your team, so that you don't just work by yourself shooting everything that moves (although that is fun).
  • I'd like to see the Luchrehulk battleship become the capital ship for the CIS.
  • Include these guns (Some could be released as DLC):
    • Standard BF2 Faction Rifle
    • DC-17m Rifle
    • DC-15 Rifle
    • E-11 Blaster Rifle
    • DH-17 Blaster Rifle
    • Wrist Blaster (Include Iron Sight)
    • ACP Repeater
    • Verpine Shatter Gun (All Verpines can be charged up, although weaker than the sniper rifle version)
    • Elite assault rifle (Must get certain number of kills, actually include it into the game, and make it a distinct diffrence from the rifle you had before you get the Elite.)
    • Shotguns:
      • Droid Shotgun
      • Rebel Shotgun
      • Blast Canon
      • CR-1 Blast Canon
      • ACP Array Gun
      • Tri-Shot SBD
      • Flechette shotgun (Must get certain number of kills)
    • Sniper Rifles:
      • DC-15x Sniper Rifle
      • E-5s Sniper Rifle
      • E-17d Sniper Rifle
      • E-11s Sniper Rifle
      • DC-17m Sniper Rifle Attachment
      • Imperial Agents Sniper Rifle
      • Verpine Sniper Rifle (Can hold down fire button to go through different thickness of walls, etc. and can go through armor with one shot, one kill)
      • Particle beam rifle (Must get certain number of kills)
    • Rocket Launchers:
      • Wookie Homing Rocket Launcher
      • PLX Rocket Launcher
      • E-60R Missile Launcher
      • HH-15 Rocket Launcher
      • PTL Rocket Launcher
      • Guidable rockets (Must get certain number of kills)
    • Grenade Launcher:
      • DC-17m AA Attachment
      • Radiation Grenade Launcher
      • V-6d Mortar Launcher
      • EMP Launcher
    • Others:
      • LJ-50 Conk. Rifle
      • Troopers Mini Gun (SWTOR)
      • LS-150 Heavy Repeater
      • Wookiee Bowcastor
      • Bulldog RLR
      • Chain gun (Same damage as LS-150 Heavy Repeater)
      • Z-6 Rotarry Cannon
      • Sonic Blaster (Officer only)
      • Melee weapons:
      • Amphistaff 
      • Vibroknife/Wrist Vibroknife (Republic Commando)
      • Lightsaber (Jedi only)
    • Sidearm (Can be grenade launcher if a Assault Trooper):
      • DC-17s Sidearm
      • DC-15s Sidearm
      • Standard BF2 pistol
      • Verpine Pistol
      • Precision blaster pistol (Must get certain number of kills)
    • And any other weapons from BF1&2
  • Laser Sight (Red)
  • Flash Light
  • Iron Sight
  • ACOG (Round, Circular) Sight
  • You can now sprint for a limited time instead of Stamina Bar.
  • Two different types of Sights; Iron Sight (DC-17 and try for ACP, DC-15), and ACOG *type of sight (Standard BF2 Rifle).
  • Sometimes a Larty (Republic Gunship), X-Wing, or Y-Wing will come in as air support and you can spawn in them.\
  • Melee attacks
  • Better weapons like in Black Ops
  • Death Star like Battlefront 1
  • Ability to spawn in Carrier, Escape Pod, or on the planet
  • Ability to fly above the map with Ships
  • Ability to destroy buildings (Invasion of Coruscant, The Old Republic or Expanded Universe, as a good example)
  • Make use of the Flash Light weapon Attachment/ Helmet Spot Lamp or Night Vision by having Umbara or the Legacy of Terror TCW as a map.

  • All previous Battle Front Maps in this game (If able to do that)
  • 2 new type of modes: One that has customization for the modern day shooter and the classic "here's your weapon, now go shoot" for the veterans. You can cross these two modes but I think the customization group would win
  • Commander of the Flagship can launch missles, drop vechiles, etc.
  • Update the classes because I don't think a Engineer would carry a health and ammo pack, ya know.
  • Yuuzhan Vong as faction
  • Mandalorians as faction
  • Can customize Armor (e.g. Bacta gauntlet, Com. Pack, Conk. Pack, Sniper Shoulder pack that  gives you 800 rounds in your sniper rifle, Vibroknife, gauntlet Knife, Color of Armor, except for Endor, Felucia, Geonosis, and Hoth and also other legion.
  • Can underhand grenades to pass through Doridekas Sheild
  • Include these camouflage skins:
    • Imperial pilot: Hoth pilot suit (Hoth map), Imperial Commando uniform (both Yavin, Kashyyyk, Tatooine, Mos Eisley, and Endor map)
    • Rebel Marksman: Hoth camo (Hoth map), Urban camo (both Bespin maps)
    • Rebel Trooper: Hoth uniform (Hoth map), urban camo (both Bespin maps)
    • Rebel Vanguard: Hoth uniform (Hoth map)
    • Stormtrooper, Shockrooper, and Scoutrooper: Snowtrooper armor (Hoth map
    • Wookiee Smuggler: Snow covered fur (Hoth map)
  • Also try to include weapon camos (maybe one with Darth Vader's helmet on it, etc.)
  • i think in the game they should make it so you can hold more then one weapon in the game create your own jedi and sith maybe make it so you can work both sides and add all the lightsaber colors and the black one as well and put a few things that were in battle front 2 i think this game will be awesome and ad like stormtroopers as zombies like black ops
  • Don't focus on the online multiplayer component too much, I don't want the offline experience with bots to suck just because EA pandered to the online gameplay fans (but still make online multiplayer good, just don't sacrifice offline)
  • Make sure you (that is Dice) all actually play the first two games before you start development because otherwise it just won't have the same feel.
  • Include maps from The Clone Wars series, plus Coruscant
  • Be able to pick up weapons from fallen troopers and select which hand they go in (So that you could blast away with your rifle while charging your bowcaster at the same time.
  • Play as natives if you're on a planet where they're friendly (Like, you're playing as the CIS on Genosis and you could choose to be a Geonosion).
  • and if you want to have a jedi and sith make it were its a rewward kill streak like the battle front 2
  •  I would like Battlefront to stay on PS2 with smart AI on your team
  • once you have completed the campaign of two different factions you can costumize and create your own faction to play in galactic conquest or instant action and eventually with enough credits get a blaster rifle shooting infinite shotgun rounds at chaingun RPM.
  • whenever you play as Rebels you can customize there skin like a tall bothan sniper or a smallish wookie soilder or even a tall black girl shooting veichles with a rocket launcher and if you didn't costomize a troops skin it goes to default and for units such as a Bothan spy or Wookie Warrior you cannot change the spieces  but you can change it's hieght and width and for AI rebels there skin is randomized as long as it is a unit that doesn't have the spieces in it's name.
  • have a ton more eras that go from 13,000,000,000 BBY to the death of cade skywalker in the books and have another one that includes ep 1- ep 9 
  • make each map to where each team has an advantage but the disadvantage always out wieghs that so each team needs a strategyto win have a mode in galactic conquest to where  every faction in the game including ones that you only fight once such as the Anti troopers fight each other and the faction you made.

Most people ask for things that they want. I am first asking for things personally I DON'T Want. Also, the things I do want are things few have even thought of.


-No protected spawns. YOU MUST FIGHT. YOU MUST PLAY TO WIN. If you don't, then you deserve to be spawn killed over and over again. Protected Spawns in Battlefield caused more harm than good, allowing players to sit at spawn with a sniper and not play the objective, resulting in many boring matches where about only 2-3 people are actually playing on each team.

-No weapon unlocks. This ruined Halo 4 when it tried it. Do you honestly think it won't harm Battlefront? PLEASE. Gimme a break. Everyone would immediately be complaining about weapon balance. Let's just skip the headache and keep the static load outs. To make everyone happy, why can't there be custom heroes instead, and perhaps even make a special gamemode that is all-heroes for it? (More on that later.)

-No custom skins for regular troops. The last thing we need is rainbow-colored Stormtroopers, and graffitied Battle Droids. Again, delegate this feature to a custom hero.

-No spawn on teammate. The last thing you need is for an enemy to multiply like a virus on your position. It makes defending a post or clearing out a strong position nearly impossible, which has been made clear by the Battlefield games. Mobile spawn points are fine, so long as they are NOT every single vehicle in the game.

-No heavy-class point unlock shenanigans. Whadda know, something that isn't from Battlefield! Also, these classes shouldn't be 'balanced' to fit with the standard soldiers. More on that in the 'Do's' section.


-Custom Heroes (Yeah, I've mentioned it several times by now). You can earn experience and unlocks much in the same way as the Battlefield games BUT it is only to create custom hero classes which are only available when certain criteria is met, which usually means you have to be the match MVP. However, I do not want it to be a 'killstreak' like it was in SW Battlefront II. More on that in the next topic.

-Dynamic Control Points. What this means is that I would like it if Control Points were made even MORE IMPORTANT than ever, by adding certain 'perks' that come with capturing them. These perks include the ability to use a set number of 'special' units or weapons. Remember how I said heavy classes shouldn't have point unlocks? Well, I think instead they should be linked directly to the post, much in the same way a Vehicle is.

For example, if you are CIS and capture a certain point, either a few Super Battle Droids or Droidekas should be available to spawn into (which you can get through the 'Change Class' mechanic). Conversely, if the Republic captures that same point, there should be a few mini-gun laser cannons or jet-packs to pick up or equip to your character on the spot. Other special units that might spawn out of certain command posts besides the heavy classes is Commando units or native units. Commandos are a no-brainer, but native units include Geonosians, Midget Spider Droids, Probe Droids, Wookies and the like. These are unique to the planet the battle takes place on, and are determined by the faction that controls the point that spawns them.

-Dynamic Control Points TWO. Yep, there wasn't enough room in one bullet point, so this topic gets two. Remember 'Levelotion' in BattleField 4? To be honest, it was kinda gimmicky. However, this can become something far more important in the new SW Battlefront. Remember that scene in the Battle of Geonosis in the movie 'Attack of the Clones'? The one where several artillery lasers take down a capital ship core trying to escape? What if that wasn't just for special effects and eye candy, but a HUGE FACTOR in the game?

Let's say that the capital ship core is a destructible command post for the CIS. But the CIS have a decision to make. While on the ground it functions as a normal command post, but with obviously a lot of vehicles to choose from and an assortment of special units to deploy. HOWEVER, if the CIS decide to, they can send that post into space. Why would they want to do that? Well, if the capital ship core escapes the map, the CIS get a large reinforcement bonus, much in the same way the 'garrison' bonus affected play in previous titles. In a pinch, it can keep the match going.

But there is a driving factor that forces the CIS to make a decision: the Republic is trying to destroy these posts, and they start out with more reinforcements than the CIS does in this particular battle. If the Republic manages to destroy these posts before they make it to space, then the CIS no longer has either option of having the bonus units and vehicles OR the extra reinforcements. Also, then it plays out exactly like the movie and the capitol ship core crashes to the ground, covering the battlefield in a dust cloud for awhile, allowing the Republic to push forward in the thick blanket of dust that makes it hard for CIS fighters to strafe them (this is provided the capital core was in the air). How's that for some Levelution? This same concept can happen in other battles like the Battle of Hoth, where if transport ships get away the Rebals get more reinforcements at the expense of fighters and special units.

  • Commander Mode. Instead of spawning your guys random stuff, and sending in airstrikes, you get direct control of a squad of AI. Now even if you are bad at the game, you can still help your team win by putting the AI where they need them. This also helps people learn the maps without the torture of being spawn killed. This is one Battlefield thing I would be okay with.
  • I would love to see a Destiny like game model for immersed individual game play in an open world allowing me to build and personalize my Star Wars character's abilities. This kind of Star Wars game would Really exciting!
  • I read quite a bit of the ideas and not once did I see customizable hero's and villains instead of being Luke over and over why not after a kill streak use your own fully custom Jedi or sith or bounty hunter. speaking of bounty hunters why not have a mode where you make your own bounty hunter and form up together and get paid to defeat another group of bounty hunters same idea goes for hero's a giant battle of Jedi vs. sith because that's what 90% of the star wars fans want is to feel like they are in this galaxy far far away.

 Sincerely Yours, 

And various other gamers.

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