This is a page to show our respects to what happened here in this wiki 



 Very Important 

 March 16 2006 

This Star Wars: Battlefront Wiki was created by Private_Clark and he became this site's first original Administrator. ​ (UNCONFIRMED)

 March 17 2007 

Kanogul became this site's second original Administrator.

 July - August 2007 

A new User begins to edit this Wiki and nearly adopts it. Around five years later, he will become Sam2011.

 April 3 2009 

King of All 42 came and starts to improve this Wiki dramatically.

 March 14 2011 

Chance.purvis adopted this site and become this Wiki's first Administrator.

 March 19 2011 

King of All 42 became this Wiki's second Administrator.

 July 20 2011 

Anakin Skyobiliviator became this Wiki's third Administrator.

 September 28 2011 

Anakin Skyobiliviator placed a suggestion of being free from Wookieepedia with a proof and a poll.

 October 1 2011 

Sam2011 became this Wiki's fourth Administrator.

 October 25 2011 

Sam2011 post a blog about being independent from Wookieepedia.

 October 29 2011 

Anakin Skyobiliviator posted a blog that announce the Independence Day.

 October 31 2011 

Independence day.

 December 25 2011 

Our first Christmas gathering.

 January 18 - 20 2012 

Our site have gone blackout due to protest against the United States rule of enforcing the SOPA and PIPA act of shutting down sites that will not pay to contribute to the subject they represent.

 April 1 2012 

First April's Fools prank played on this wiki.

 May 2 2012 

Chance.purvis, now known as Erex Malren, makes a blog stating his extended leave.

 June 7 2012 

Battlefront Wiki releases the first Newspaper article for their newspaper, The 501st Journal.

 November 21 2015 

 Commander Awesome became an administrator of the Wiki, making him the first admin since the release of the DICE's reboot.

 June 15 2017 

Scout Trooper 164 became the second administrator since the release of the DICE's reboot.

 October 24 2017 

Lamosq1027 became the third administrator since the release of the DICE's reboot.