High C

The Battlefront Wiki High Council is an honorary title held by the the Moffs and the Guards of the wiki. All decisions based around this wiki's future will be discussed by the High Council.

 Order of Command 


  • Grand Moff: An administrator(s) who is the head leader of the wikia, must be a beaurocrat. They preside in the Judicial System as the Supreme Judges, they will hear the appeals of the accused.
  • Moff: An administrator(s) who is the Grand Moff(s) second in command, has a higher chance of becoming a beaurocrat than most. They preside in the Judicial System, and will hold the first trial.
  • Lord: An adminstrator that help help Moff(s). One must not have a vandalism history.
  • Grand Executor: An Adminstrator who is both a Guard and a Commander, but no other rank.
  • Commander: User(s) that normally very helpful and almost gain an Admin request. Like lords, Commander(s) must not have a vandalism history.
  • Executor: A user(s) that is given the rank Guard. If this user(s) is an Admin in other wiki(s) his chance as an Admin in this wiki is higher.

High Council Members:Edit

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