Battle Points are an in-game currency featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that can be exchanged to call in reinforcements. Battle Points do not carry over between matches. Battle Points replaced the Power Ups found in the previous game, Star Wars Battlefront.

Information Edit

Battle Points are gained individually by playing as one of the four trooper classes in-game and earning score through eliminations, playing objectives, and team play. Once a certain number of Battle Points are earned, they can be used to spawn in as special units, vehicles, and heroes or villains, each of which cost a certain number of battle points to spawn in as. The cost of each reinforcement varies based on the game mode and map being played on. Battle Points reset every match, so they cannot be stacked.

Battle Point costs Edit

Special units Edit

In Galactic Assault, Aerial special unit reinforcements cost 2,000 Battle Points to spawn in as while Enforcer special unit reinforcements typically cost 3,000 Battle Points to spawn in as. Aerial and Enforcer units vary depending on the faction being played on each map, and are not "cross era." In Strike, Blast, and Extraction, Enforcer special units cost 2,000 Battle Points to spawn in as.

Vehicles Edit

Vehicles can be played in both Galactic Assault and Starfighter Assault and are based on what era the map belongs in; thus, like special units, vehicles are not "cross era." Furthermore, certain vehicles can only be found on certain maps.

Artillery vehicles can only be found in Galactic Assault maps with escort phases and cost 200 Battle Points to spawn in as due to being on rails and being time based.

Armor vehicles can only be found in Galactic Assault and typically cost around 1,500 to 2,500 Battle Points due to being powerful assets with powerful weaponry and a large health pool, depending on the individual vehicle.

Speeder vehicles can only be found in Galactic Assault; lighter and more nimble with a smaller health pool, they cost around 200 Battle Points.

Starfighters can be found in both Galactic Assault, depending on the map, and Starfighter Assault. They cost no Battle Points to spawn in as in Starfighter Assault due to being the default classes. In Galactic Assault, Fighters typically cost 600 Battle Points, Interceptors typically cost 800 Battle Points, and Bombers typically cost 1,000 Battle Points.

Heroes and Villains Edit

Heroes and Villains do not cost Battle Points to spawn in as in game modes featured in the Heroes and Villains category, but they do cost Battle Points to play as in Galactic Assault. Unlike other reinforcements, any hero or villain (depending on whether or not a Light Side or Dark Side faction is being played) can be played on regardless of era, meaning that heroes and villains are regarded to be "cross era." However, heroes and villains are cheaper in the era that they are found, costing 6,000 Battle Points, while heroes and villains from other eras cost 8,000 Battle Points to play as. Eras are based on the map being played on.