Munificent-class star frigate (Banking Clan Comms Ship)
Basic Info



Separatist Alliance

Ship Details

Frigate Defense

 The Banking Clan Comms Ship, also known as  Munificent-class star frigate is a support ship and frigate for the CIS. It is impossible to spawn a ship/transport inside the frigate, as the ship does not have enough room. The frigate is used as a first defence before enemy ships get to the Capital ships, and it also can be relief to pilots who are trying to escape enemy pilots. The frigate is either armed with auto turrets or no turrets at all. Docking and spawning at this frigate is impossible.



  • The in-game ship is a lot simpler than the SW universe version shown below.
  • This ship is first refered to as the Banking Clans Comms Ship in the Star Wars: Battlefront Series, this is also the only time it is refered to as this in Canon.
  • The in-game ship does not follow Star Wars canon because it is far too small.



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