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The Awards on Battlefront II include:

Name How to Obtain Receive
Endurance: Get 12 points in 1 life- (9 at Elite) Energy Regeneration Bonus
Guardian: Get 24 points in 1 life- (18 at Elite) Damage Reduction Bonus
War Hero: Get 36 points in 1 life- (27 at Elite) Increased Damage Bonus
Frenzy: Get 12 kills with a Blaster Rifle in 1 life- (9 at Elite) Elite Rifle
Marksman: Get 6 headshots with a Sniper Rifle in 1 life- (4 at Elite) Beam Rifle
Demolition: Get 4 Rocket Launcher critical hits on a vehicle in 1 life- (3 at Elite) Remote Rocket Launcher
Regulator: Get 8 kills with a Shotgun in 1 life- (6 at Elite) Flechette Shotgun
Gunslinger: Get 6 kills with a Blaster Pistol in 1 life- (4 at Elite) Precision Pistol
Technician: Slice a vehicle- Vehicle Regeneration Bonus

Award LevelsEdit

There are four different ranks of the awards, based on the number you have earned previously. These are as follows:

Times Earned Rank Notes
0 to 4 Green No bonus is awarded at this rank.
4 to 30 Veteran Bonus awarded as usual.
31 to 64 Elite Reduced award requirements.
65+ Legendary

Bonus is permanent in singleplayer or splitscreen game modes.

SWBF2 Tutorials How to get the Awards- Frenzy, Gunslinger, Marksman and Regulator(05:10)
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