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Acklay are creatures from Vendaxa and are found on Felucia in SWBFII. In Star Wars: Battlefront II's campaign, there is a mission that includes Acklay; you must destroy six Acklay as a timed objective before moving on. The average height of an Acklay is 3.05 metres. An Acklay can kill you with only one or two stabs of its pincers, so once they knock you down, you're dead.


Name Image Ammo
Claw Generic Infinite Use

Strategies in defeating an AcklayEdit

  • Acklay can be defeated very easily as long as you keep your distance. While most weapons can kill an acklay, rockets and mines are most effective.
  • Rockets are very effective when killing Acklay, as only one to three rockets are needed to take out an Acklay single-handedly.
  • Avoid the head as this does little damage and instead aim for the neck which is the most vulnerable spot. Shotguns are the most beneficial for this, but also the most risky as you need to be very close to achieve maximum damage, and death can quite often result.
  • As Aayla Secura, your best bet is to use Saber Throw or to simply move around them,as attempting to attack them with your lightsabers can be a one-way ticket to dying.


  • In a mod on Star Wars Battlefront filefront, called conversion pack, you can play as an Acklay.
  • A discrepency is that an Acklay appears in 2 loading screen's for the Felucia conquest, but there are none in the conquest mode.
  • After killing the six required Acklay, there are still about several more roaming around the marshland. They are optional to kill, but they can take a lot of time to do.
  • The Acklay won't attack CIS Units, however, they are seen attempting to attack the Particle Cannon Turrets which are the player's objective to destroy.
  • One Acklay will usually become stuck under one of the pillars during the final objective near the Particle Cannon Turrets at the right end side of the map, due to it's towering height, it will be unable to walk out from under the pillar, but it can still attack if you get too close, so be careful.



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