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The AT-RT also known as All Terrain Recon Transport is a playable vehicle in Star Wars Battlefront II for the Galactic Republic. It cost 3500 battle points.

They were usually used for ground support and it is the predecessor of the AT-DP and the AT-ST. The AT-RT is piloted by a single clone trooper and is known for its speed. It is armed with motion scanners and an ion charge.

The AT-RT is useful for moving around the map quickly, but this is risky as the player is still exposed to small arms fire due to the unprotected seating area.

Abilities Edit

  • Motion Scan: The Motion Scan detects and highlights the enemy soldiers while active.
  • ION Charge: Apply an ION Charge to your regular ammunition for a short time. Highly effective against vehicles.
  • Repair: Repair the vehicle on the spot. Manually initiate maintenance systems, increasing hull integrity over a short period of time.

Gallery Edit

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