The A280C Blaster Rifle is the standard issue blaster rifle of the Rebel Alliance in the Star Wars universe. It's the modified version of the A280 Blaster Rifle. It officially debuted as usable weapon in Star Wars Battlefront.

Star Wars BattlefrontEdit

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"A280C is a sturdy and powerful blaster rifle that has a high rate of fire and excellent firepower. Modified from the A280 rifle, it was the favored weapon of Alliance commandos."
— In-game description
A280C dice image
Unlocked at Default (Rebel Alliance)
Rank 8 (Imperials)
Unlock cost 1,550 credits
Damage 25-12
Rate of fire 400 RPM
Range Start Drop off:10 meters
End drop off: 60 meters
Cooling power 27 shots
Cooldown (Failed) 2.72s

The A280C is a blaster rifle in Star Wars Battlefront.


It's unlocked from the start for Rebel Alliance. It can be unlocked for Imperial Forces use at rank 8 and purchasing it with 1,550 in-game credits. It has the highest rate of fire in blaster rifle class and high cooling power to go with it.[1] However, the amount of damage this blaster gives is shorter than the E-11s damage.


The A280C is used by Rebel Soldiers in Walker Assault on Skirmish. Soldiers with the A280C act just as they do in Missions.


  • The A280C Blaster Rifle is based on the StG 44.
  • A280C and DLT-20A Pulse Cannon are sharing the same frame (lower receiver, magwell and grip) and scope.

Tips To Get Lots Of Kills: Edit

The A280C has relatively good damage on Infantries. It acts like the Relby V-10, a Targeting Rifle. The A280C has accurate shots with good damage from far or short distances. The A280C may be the best gun for far or short combats in Walker Assault or Extraction.There is an advantage playing with the A280C since again, it inflicts good damage to enemies. The gun is quick so you can take down a second or third enemy before cool down.

References Edit

  1. Symthic: A280C Info & Stats

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