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The A-Wing is a Rebel starfighter that can be piloted in Star Wars Battlefront. A-Wings are the Rebellion counter-part to TIE Interceptors.


A-Wings are fast and capable interceptor spacefighters that are known for their fast speed. They are often utilized to take out enemy ships in space combat. The A-wings are collectively under the call sign Green Squadron. Players often choose the A-Wing as a primary ground strafing vehicle, as they are fast and can cause massive damage to enemy players

Weapons/Abilities Edit

A-Wing has one primary weapon and two special abilities for use:

Blaster Cannon: Primary weapon for the A-Wing. Blaster Cannons fire two shots that will hurt Imperial players/starfighters upon impact.

Speed Boost: The first ability for the A-Wing. Gives you a burst of speed for a short time. Useful for evading an enemy lock-on. This was originally a shield ability, before a patch from the Death Star DLC changed it.

Concussion Warhead: The second special ability for the A-Wing. It is also the secondary weapon for the A-Wing. A Concussion warhead is a short range missile that homes in on a target if a full lock-on is achieved. They can also be fired without being locked-on so you can fire on the ground. Concussion warheads are handy for a bombing run or dealing big damage to Imperial starfighters.


  • The call sign Green Squadron cannonically originates to a squadron of A-wings that flew during the Battle of Endor.
  • This is currently one of the only three vehicles the Rebels can pilot in the air.
  • The A-Wing originally had a very small hit-box, which was a massive complaint of the game, until a patch made the hit-box bigger so it could make it easier to defeat.
  • Both the TIE Interceptor/DICE and the A-Wing's abilities were changed with the launch of the Death Star Expansion Pack (The A-Wing's shield boost was changed to speed boost, and the TIE Interceptor's ion torpedo was changed to Laser Barrage)

Gallery Edit

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